캐릭터가 브랜드 인지도 향상에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

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In the 21st century, consumers are increasing selective consumer spending rather than basic consumer spending based on goods to enjoy rich mind and to make appearance widely at education, culture, recreation culture and eating out culture. Consumers' trends are oriented on value creation and sensitive consumption to prefer specialty, individuality, high quality and diversification, etc.
Family restaurants can meet such trends of consumers to allow consumers to taste special, high quality and various food culture and to enjoy differentiated services, so that they are called flowers of the food service industry to grow up very much quickly. Considering growth of the food service industries in foreign countries, in the era of per capita income of $6,000, market ratio of family restaurants commonly rise to increase family restaurants naturally at the Korean food service market.
The number of family restaurant business is continuously increasing under limited demand of consumers to worsen competition between businesses for invitation of customers. To publicize brands and elevate cognition under such a situation, changes and desires of the consumers shall be exactly investigated to set up effective marketing plans.
The advertisement can play a lot of roles to manage visual images effectively as general marketing plans and to inform consumers of BㆍI and new product information as well as buying knowledge. In particular, characters are visual language that is friendly, sympathetic and individual, so that all of the people at life systems can understand it to accept without resistance and to produce good effects as affirmative items.
The paper has suggested characters that can elevate cognition on family restaurant brands, and it examines effects of characters upon brand cognition through many factors and to investigate cases of family restaurant brand characters of Korea as well as foreign countries and to suggest strategical business roles of family restaurant characters.
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Hong, Da-young
디자인대학원 시각디자인학전공
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Table Of Contents
제 1 장. 서 론 1
제1절. 연구의 배경 및 목적 1
제2절. 연구방법 및 범위 3

제 2 장. 캐릭터와 브랜드의 이론적 고찰 5
제1절 캐릭터의 기능 및 역할 5
제2절. 브랜드 개념 및 역할 12
제3절. 브랜드와 캐릭터의 상관관계 15

제 3 장. 패밀리레스토랑 브랜드의 이론적 배경 20
제1절 패밀리레스토랑의 이론 20
제2절. 국내 패밀리레스토랑 발전 23
제3절 패밀리레스토랑 시장 현황분석 25
제4절. 패밀리레스토랑 브랜드 인지도의 중요성 27

제 4 장. 패밀리레스토랑 캐릭터 현황 분석 31
제1절. 국내 패밀리레스토랑 캐릭터 31
제2절. 국외 패밀리레스토랑 캐릭터 44
제3절. 국내․외 사례 비교 분석 55

제 5 장. 소비자 선호도 조사분석 57
제1절. 가설설정 57
제2절. 표본분석 59

제 6 장. 결론 66
제1절. 연구결과 66
제2절. 시사점 67
제3절 한계점 및 향후 연구방향 68

참고문헌 70

부록(설문지) 72
홍다영. (2007). 캐릭터가 브랜드 인지도 향상에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구.
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