한스 벨머(Hans Bellmer) 인형시리즈에 나타난 특성을 응용한 구체 관절 인형 및 인형의상 디자인 연구

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Dolls that have came along with human history can be the best means to express feelings most closely to human being. Interest for dolls that are the intermediate, according as the development into such various forms, are elated. In this study, the importance of deficient sphere joint dolls, one of plastic arts, which is getting into the spotlight in these society atmosphere is recognized, and domestically insufficient data for sphere joint dolls is organized systematically, establishing scientific value. Specially, by presenting sphere joint doll manufacturing and doll clothes designing, in accordance to linking traits that appear in doll work of Hans Bellmer, originator of sphere joint doll, the purpose is to reveal development and novel fashion image as a genre of art.
In this study, with literature investigation method on the basis of domestic/international doll related books, preceding scientific treatise, periodicals, Internet data search method for this first, established concept of doll, and observe history of doll and change process from ancient to present and second, established status of sphere joint doll based on general theoretical background of doll, and to understand the appearance background of sphere joint doll, investigation and analysis on body expression and traits that appear in his doll series work based on his time background and art world of originator Hans Bellmer and third, by expressing on body and fashion of dolls based on analysis contents of work traits within fashion, total of 6 dolls were produced giving priority to attributes of fashion and art.
Following is the summarized result of this study.
1. Doll is familiar yet, strange object which exist within our life without much change in human history by examining origin and history background and development process of doll, and could know that it created peculiar psychological effect that awakens death, even though, being an object of love with function of duplex incarnation of own comes from strange feeling that seem to be alive, yet being inanimate object.
2. In Hans Bellmer's doll work, contains strange boundary attribute and function as sexual fetish, and trait of impact and strangeness was elicited as analysis result by combining image of violence drastically with painful and dark death to erotic thing, and could understand it was expressing these traits symbolically.
3. Perversion which is Hans Bellmer's work trait, the fetish fashion of uncanny could be understood that it had same sense with grotesque fashion.
4. In doll clothes that were produced with Hans Bellmer's work trait, the mix-matched erotic lace and fetish quality of the material that symbolize force and sex and ideal look of dominatrix, tight laced corset, and black was chose as the main color to express various perversion meanings and symbolism, and on the contrary, tried image bisection by composing maid dress with white apron and hat with lace and black blouse.
Also, to express strange grotesque image which is hard to distinguish the body or dress of the doll, nobang materials of pale-beige, which is same tone with doll's skin color, was chosen, perversion and uncanny, which are the traits of Hans Bellmer, by designing to make the border of dress and body vague in accordance to distorting the body unnaturally and artificially with high and big ruffle collar, could be found in the fashion.
5. Hans Bellmer's artistic elements of work with new vision could produce correct and unique work with modern sense, not just existing simple doll or dress.
This study informs new value of sphere joint doll as technique that has artistic feature with high added value of handicraft as in doll, and unique writer's work trait such as Hans Bellmer that may be studied continuously by new method for developing clothes.
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The Study on the Ball joint doll design and doll's clothes applied Hans Beller doll serise peculiarities
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Yang, Hyo-jung
조선대학교 디자인대학원
디자인대학원 뷰티패션디자인학과
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논문 개요 = xiv
제1장 서론 = 1
제1절 연구의 목적 = 1
제2절 연구의 내용 및 방법 = 3
제2장 인형에 대한 이론적 배경 = 4
제1절 인형의 개념 및 기원 = 4
제2절 인형의 역사 = 5
제3절 인형의 역할 및 종류 = 10
제3장 한스 벨머(Hans Bellmer) 인형의 특성연구 = 23
제1절 구체 관절 인형 = 23
제2절 한스 벨머(Hans Bellmer)의 예술 세계 = 25
제3절 벨머 인형시리즈에 나타난 특성 = 34
제4절 패션에 나타난 벨머 인형의 특성 연구 = 42
제4장 작품 제작 = 71
제1절 작품 제작 의도 및 방법 = 71
제2절 작품 및 해설 = 80
제5장 결론 = 111
참고문헌 = 114
조선대학교 디자인대학원
양효정. (2006). 한스 벨머(Hans Bellmer) 인형시리즈에 나타난 특성을 응용한 구체 관절 인형 및 인형의상 디자인 연구.
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