실내디자인의 스타일 변화 분석을 통한 소품 활용 연구 : 오브제가 공간에 미치는 심리적 영향을 중심으로

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The lifestyle of the modern people today had been changing rapidly and new things are constantly coming out. As consumption became an important value and cultural desire has increased, people's concern about the new trends has increased. A trend in interior design also has made gradual changes with the various consumption patterns, the tendency in fashion, and the social phenomenon. Human seeks sensual healing and freedom through pleasant environment and nature. Thinking, which is based on the center of human being, makes it interested in characteristics of personal and basic instinct.
This study is the result to make ones life more comfortable through the space where people take a rest in the everyday life, being interested in interior design. In this study, the facts that one can create a desirable design trend through objet, and that one can know how effective an interior takes place through specific research are analyzed. Therefore, in order to analogize the necessity of objet in space-design, progression was made as following below.
Chapter 1 is an introduction based on the study of the background, purpose, method, and the target.
Chapter 2 is to expand the concept of objet, which to understand the idea of objet in art fields such as modern art, performance art, and media art. In addition, the expression of objet depending on each category is researched, and the types of objet are classified.
Chapter 3 is about discussing the trend of objet which is drawn out from the representing modern style.
Chapter 4 is a process of researching and analyzing by using examples of objet depending on the spacial usage of the structure.
The study examines the relationship between the space, which is the conceptual environment in the boundary of physical substances that surrounds human being, and objet, which exists in the space.
Through the research and analysis of the examples of the expression of objet depending on the usage of structure, following four conclusions are made.
First, in order to support the purpose of a space effectively, objet, which appeared in the interior design, triggers a specific activity or creates an experience when the characteristics of objet's object is placed in a space. In addition, the objet makes an important modeling expression in determining a characteristics of a space.
Second, using a direct performance as a media of expression, objet, which appeared in the interior design, makes the objet, which exists in physical substance, a physical expression that is delivered to observers visually through the experience and association of observer, which is the object including a mental aspect as a recognition target that is recognizable through visual, auditory, and tactile sensation
Third, objet, which appeared in the interior design, creates a form of space that makes mental process that triggers observers a sensation and a desire and psychological influences, introducing the performance with objet and the concept.
Fourth, objet is classified in matter of characteristics of design. And characters and these distinctive objet were covered such as Structural objet, Functional objet, and Decorative objet. Structural objet focuses on the modeling utilizing the material that is used at the end of construction, functioning structurally in pillar, wall, and ceiling, which are the factors that affect the structure of a building. Functional objet expresses stairs, doors, windows, furnitures, and lightings, which make a space, considering the original function of the objects and harmonizing in the interior designing perspective. Decorative objet used sculpture, drawings and plants in its expression.
In conclusion, this study construct the foundation of a discussion of objet including all of the structural, functional and decorative parts of interior design. Furthermore, the source is managed to prove that objet needs to be researched aesthetically, structurally, and in design.
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An applicative study of using promps by analyzing style changes in interior design : Especially about objets's psychological influence on the space
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Moon, Eun - Ja
조선대학교 디자인대학원
디자인대학원 조형디자인학과(실내디자인전공)
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Table Of Contents
제 1 장. 서론 = 1
1-1. 연구의 배경 및 목적 = 1
1-2. 연구의 대상 및 방법 = 2
1-3. 연구의 진해 흐름도 = 3
제 2 장. 오브제의 개념 확장 = 4
2-1. 오브제의 설치-현대미술 = 4
2-2. 오브제로서의 신체-퍼포먼스, 행위예술 = 7
2-3. 오브제로서의 테크놀로지-미디어아트 = 8
2-4. 오브제의 전개 = 9
2-4-1. 큐비즘과 오브제 = 9
2-4-2. 다다이즘과 오브제 = 10
2-4-3. 초현실주의 = 10
2-4-4. 플럭서스 = 11
2-4-5. 해프닝 = 12
2-4-6. 퍼포먼스 = 13
2-5. 공간의 의미 확장된 오브제 요소 = 14
2-5-1. 물직적 요소 = 14
2-5-2. 오브제의 유형 및 분류 = 17
2-5-3. 초현실주의 오브제의 분류 = 20
제 3 장. 오브제의 트랜드 연구 = 22
3-1. 엔틱스타일 = 22
3-2. 모던스타일 = 23
3-2-1. 스칸디나비아 모던 = 24
3-2-2. 이탈리아 모던 = 25
3-2-3. 심플모던스타일 = 25
3-3. Eleganat Classic 스타일 = 26
3-4. 내츄럴 스타일 = 28
3-5. 오리엔탈 스타일 = 30
3-6. 미니멀 스타일 = 31
3-7. 이모셔날 하이-테크 = 32
제 4 장. 공간에 따른 오브제 분석 = 35
4-1. 주거 공간에서의 오브제 = 35
4-1-1. 소품활용방법 = 37
4-1-2. 주거 공간별 소품 연출 표현 방법 = 39
4-1-3. 사례 연구 = 46
4-2. 상업 공간에서의 오브제 = 51
4-3. 사무 공간에서의 오브제 = 60
4-4. 전시 공간에서의 오브제 = 64
4-5. 문화 공간에서의 오브제 = 71
제 5 장. 결론 = 82
참고문헌 = 84
조선대학교 디자인대학원
문은자. (2006). 실내디자인의 스타일 변화 분석을 통한 소품 활용 연구 : 오브제가 공간에 미치는 심리적 영향을 중심으로.
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