수질오염총량관리를 위한 낙동강하류의 QUALKO 및 QUAL2E 수질모델링에 관한 연구

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The water quality prediction model raises the efficiency of the water quality management with control of be pollutant load and it is a method which is useful is used in water quality prediction of currently and future.
It used the QUALKO and the QUAL2E model from this research and Nak dong River Downstream water quality modeling it led and result the QUALKO and QUAL2E two model for comparative analysis.
In this research, objective segment's from the Samrangjin to the Weolchon, and the length is 26㎞, basin area is 505.7㎢.
It divided the basin with 5 reach and 26 element it composed the model and the calculation element is total 22 things.
It calculates a basin be pollutant analysis and a production pollutant loading, effluent pollutant loading, runoff pollutant loading. Pollution sources are Populations, Livestocks, Industries, Nurserys, Landfills, Land Uses.
The estimation results, the basin show BOD production pollutant loading 64,783.2㎏/day, T-N production pollutant loading 16,246.47 ㎏/day, T-P production pollutant loading 3,755.81 ㎏/day and BOD effluent pollutant loading 8,751.83 ㎏/day, T-N effluent pollutant loading 4,854.59 ㎏/day, T-P effluent pollutant loading 491.36 ㎏/day and BOD Runoff pollutant loading 894.60 ㎏/day, T-N Runoff pollutant loading 1,088.35 ㎏/day, T-P Runoff pollutant loading 26.25 ㎏/day.
The calibration and verification of the model executed the DO, BOD, T-N, T-P, Chl-a and Comparative analysis it did the application result of the QUALKO and the QUAL2E model with measurement price.
The DO, T-N, T-P and Chl-a simulation consistency of the water quality modeling result basin the price whose two models are similar came out. But the simulation consistency of the BOD the result of the QUALKO model to be nearer the QUAL2E model than reappearance characteristic was good in measurement price.
This result shows the fact the QUALKO model which complements the QUAL2E model could well be applied in Nakdong River Downstream.
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A Study on the QUALKO and QUAL2E Water Quality Modeling of Nakdong River Downstream for the Total Water Pollution Load Management
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No, Dae-Young
朝鮮大學校 大學院
일반대학원 환경생명공학과
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List of Tables = Ⅲ
제1장 서론 = 1
제2장 이론적 고찰 = 3
제1절 수질모델 = 3
1. 수질모델의 정의와 필요성 = 3
2. 수질모델의 입력자료 = 5
제2절 QUALKO 모델 및 QUAL2E 모델 = 6
1. QUALKO 모델의 구성 및 원리 = 6
2. QUAL2E 모델의 구성 및 원리 = 10
제3장 연구내용 및 방법 = 13
제1절 대상유역 = 13
제2절 유량산정 = 18
제3절 오염부하량 산정 = 19
1. 발생부하량 = 19
2. 배출부하량 = 24
3. 유달부하량 = 40
제4장 결과 및 고찰 = 41
제1절 수리·수문 현황 = 41
1. 기상현황 = 41
2. 수리계수 = 43
3. 수질모델의 구성 = 44
제2절 수질현황 = 45
제3절 오염부하량 = 51
1. 발생부하량 = 51
2. 배출부하량 = 53
3. 유달부하량 = 56
제4절 QUALKO 모델의 적용 = 58
1. 경계조건 입력자료 = 58
2. QUALKO 모델의 보정 = 60
3. QUALKO 모델의 검증 = 63
제5절 QUAL2E 모델의 적용 = 66
1. QUAL2E 모델의 보정 = 66
2. QUAL2E 모델의 검증 = 69
제6절 QUALKO 및 QUAL2E 모델의 수질모델링 비교 = 72
1. 두 모델에서 산출된 결과 비교분석 = 72
2. 두 모델의 상대오차 비교분석 = 78
제5장 결론 = 81
참고문헌 = 83
List of Appendixes = 86
朝鮮大學校 大學院
魯大瑛. (2005). 수질오염총량관리를 위한 낙동강하류의 QUALKO 및 QUAL2E 수질모델링에 관한 연구.
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