피에트 몬드리안의 작품 특성을 응용한 의상디자인 연구 : 패치워크 기법을 중심으로

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Since fashion has been at the forefront of the sense industry that creates new identities, fashion art, using various materials in various techniques, has been established. Therefore, various high-quality clothes, utilizing handcrafted techniques, like embroidery, beads, and quilting, have been made to satisfy the psychological demands of many people.
This study aimed to study the similarities among the artistic, aesthetic, and useful values of the patchwork technique and the aesthetic characteristics of geometric abstracts seen in Mondrian's works, and to design modern clothing through the abstract, formative world and images of Mondrian and the patchwork technique.
By studying the patchwork technique, this paper aimed to recognize it as an area with artistic value, as well as practical utility, and to study the unique works of Mondrian.
The paper began with the definition and history of the patchwork technique, collected and organized referential works, and combined them with the characteristics of Mondrian's unique works. As a result, it was found that the patchwork technique is handcrafted and a highly value-added artistic technique in which unique formative characteristics could be pursued.
Based on the above data, the researcher produced several works.
Based on the contents of the study, five pieces focused on their practical utility as well as aesthetic characteristics after applying the formative expression method of the patchwork technique and the geometric patterns and colors of Mondrian's works.
The results of the study were as follows:
First, various expression methods were used as themes of the clothes, and by designing stylish clothes with repeated patterns and changes and harmony of colors, they kept up with international trends.
Second, in terms of the expression used in modern clothing, the works aimed to display neat, aesthetic, and unique effects, as well as differentiated, glamorous, and luxurious fusion images.
Third, since traditional techniques were combined with painting as materials for fashion design, it was possible to create harmony between traditional and modern approaches.
Therefore, this study aimed to develop an opportunity for the patchwork technique by using various materials as traditional, aesthetic fashion materials and develop newly valuable, handcrafted, and highly value-added aesthetic techniques. Also, more studies would be needed.
This paper also tried to combine Mondrian's geometric and purely formative works with traditional patchwork techniques.
Alternative Title
A Study on The Clothes Design Appling The Work Charcteristic of Piet Mondrian : Stress on The Patchwork Techniques
Alternative Author(s)
Seo, Yoon-Ju
조선대학교 디자인대학원
디자인대학원 뷰티패션디자인학과
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제1장 서론 = 1
제1절 연구의 목적 = 1
제2절 연구의 내용 및 방법 = 2
제2장 이론적 배경 = 4
제1절 패치워크의 일반적 고찰 = 4
제2절 피에트 몬드리안(Piet Mondrian)의 일반적 고찰 = 53
제3장 패치워크 기법과 몬드리안 작품 특성의 연구 = 78
제1절 현대 속의 몬드리안 작품 = 78
제2절 의상 속에 나타난 미술 작품 = 85
제3절 몬드리안 작품 특성과 패치워크 기법의 만남 = 90
제4장 작품 제작 = 93
제1절 제작의도 및 방법 = 93
제2절 작품해설 = 98
제5장 결론 = 128
참고문헌 = 130
조선대학교 디자인대학원
서윤주. (2006). 피에트 몬드리안의 작품 특성을 응용한 의상디자인 연구 : 패치워크 기법을 중심으로.
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