도메인 온톨로지 구축을 위한 효율적인 방법론 제안

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Ontology developing process has aroused a lot of controversy among knowledge engineers and knowledge users. The recent surges on ontology building methodologies and practical ontology applications have explored a broad spectrum of knowledge management challenges. On the one hand, the abundant methodology theories provide us with a set of useful heuristic rules, from which we get the overview of ontology building process. But on the other hand, every research groups would like to justify their theories by listing their specific characteristics and unique method when trying to get on the right track. However, there is still no one “correct” way or methodology for developing ontologies. In this case, the methods used to evaluate only a subset of specific domain do not make any sense to the commonsense users.
Through the investigation of existing ontology methodologies, we get the conclusion that most of them have in common that they start from the identification of the purpose of ontology and the need for domain knowledge acquisition, differ in their following steps to be taken. Each has its own characteristics but evaluates only a subset of the specific domain. the hope of getting direct guideline from the just beginning, focus the ontology structure design in details, which cover from the ontology vocabulary selection to ontology evaluation, a requirement of integrating the whole process in knowledge management systems. As a result, an effective methodology of domain ontology is imperative and still in great demand.
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Proposing an Effective Methodology for Developing Domain Ontology
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Liu, Haitao
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 전자계산학과
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Table Of Contents
1. Introduction = 1
2. Related Work = 3
2.1 On-To-Knowledge (OTK) Methodology = 4
2.2 Skeletal Methodology = 5
2.3 Methodology Comparability = 6
3. Towards a New Methodology for Building Domain Ontology = 8
3.1. Current Methodology Drawbacks = 8
3.2. Preliminary Study = 9
3.3. Architecture Design = 13
4. Evaluation and Refinements = 21
4.1. Ontology Mapping = 21
4.2. Evaluation of Granularity and Competence = 22
5. Maintenance and Evolution = 24
6. Application-Driven Methodology Evaluation = 25
7. Conclusion = 29
Reference = 31
조선대학교 대학원
유해도. (2005). 도메인 온톨로지 구축을 위한 효율적인 방법론 제안.
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