크리에이티브 스타일의 디자인에 관한 연구

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Nowadays, as attentions to beauty and its recognition level has increased, techniques on beauty has also been improved. In this era of characterization and professionalism, people want to create styles which fit their images and through beauty competitions, style creation is further developing.
Specifically, natural day hair style which is one of the most popular hair styles was designated as one of the competition items and has a great meaning as a professional area.
Therefore, this study is to examine theoretical background, trend, design element analysis, methods of styling of creative styles and five styles of design as follows: ecologic, feminine, avant-garde, funky and cyber styles. Based on the results, this study is to present a foundation to identify future hair trend.
For the purpose, this study presents various new styles shown in creative style which reflect more exact trend irregardless of age and sex through personalized hair styling for further understanding of new styles and professionalism.
This study studies design through actual works of creative styles and the specific contents are presented as follows:
Chapter 1 presents the purpose and method of this study.
Chapter 2 examines the concept of creative styles and analyses the past trend through theses and books.
Chapter 3 identifies the concept and meaning of design, design element analysis, methods of creative styling and design trend before design representation.
Chapter 4 Presents design works for which styles and colors appropriate for themes are reflected.
This study presents works of day hair style based on theoretical study by analysis of creative styles according to design and styles and the results are presented as follows:
Entire composition and shape of the design should be triangular or diamond for stability and joints should be natural. For colors which give hair texture and volume and influence feeling of movement and directionality, when dyed, the same colors may look different according to levels.
Therefore, when shape of head, hair texture, and colors are well structured, the effect of the design will be improved. So, this study is to help creation of new designs and their popularization as well as hair design competition through speculation on creative styles.
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A Study of design for creative style : Focused on hair style and color
조선대학교 대학원
디자인대학원 뷰티패션디자인학과
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Table Of Contents
목차 = i
제1장 서론 = 1
제1절 연구의 목적과 의의 = 1
제2절 연구의 내용과 방법 = 2
제2장 크리에이티브 스타일의 이론적 배정 = 3
제1절 크리에이티브 스타일의 이론적 고찰 = 3
1.1 크리에이티브 스타일의 개념 = 3
1.2 크리에이티브 스타일의 흐름 = 4
제3장 크리에이티브 스타일의 디자인 요소와 방법 및 디자인 경향 = 9
제1절 크리에이티브 스타일의 디자인 요소 = 9
1.1 크리에이티브 스타일의 디자인 의미 = 9
1.2 크리에이티브 스타일의 디자인 요소 분석 = 10
제2절 크리에이티브 스타일의 방법 = 20
2.1 헤어 커트 과정 = 20
2.2 탈·염색 과정 = 22
2.3 몰딩 과정 = 23
2.4 스타일링 및 콤 아웃 과정 = 23
2.5 메이크업 및 의상과 액세서리 연출 과정 = 24
제3절 크리에이티브 스타일에 나타난 디자인 경향 = 25
3.1 에콜로지(Ecology) 스타일 = 25
3.2 페미닌(Feminine) 스타일 = 28
3.3 아방가르드(Avant Garde) 스타일 = 31
3.4 펑키(Punky) 스타일 = 35
3.5 사이버(Cyber) 스타일 = 39
제4장 크리에이티브 스타일의 작품제작 = 42
제1절 작품Ⅰ. 에콜로지(Ecology) 스타일 = 45
제2절 작품Ⅱ. 페미닌(Feminine) 스타일 = 50
제3절 작품Ⅲ. 아방가르드(Avant Garde) 스타일 = 55
제4절 작품Ⅳ. 펑키(Punky) 스타일 = 60
제5절 작품Ⅴ. 사이버(Cyber) 스타일 = 65
제5장 결론 = 69
참고문헌 = 72
박경자. (2006). 크리에이티브 스타일의 디자인에 관한 연구.
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