高度酸化에 의한 필라멘트 製造工程의 心線 溶解 및 몰리브덴 回收

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In making filament used as light source material, advanced oxidation dissolution method was employed to dissolve mandrel wire used as the center supporter for coil shaped tungsten wire, The process of reusing the treated water generated during this process and that of recovery of molybdenum from the reuse water were studied.
The results were as follows.
1. The dissolution of molybdenum was in proportion to the surface of contact of molybdenum and the solution.
2. In the dissolution of molybdenum in hydrogen peroxide/catalyst, the early condition of reaction was 15℃, and it was desirable to be executed in the condition of normal state of 32℃.
3.The results of dissolving mandrel wire in FL type filament and GLS type filament in pilot size were as follows.
In the condition of pilot plant, very good quality of products could be produced when using manufactured goods as samples.
4. Dissolving Mo in case of ozone was added in hydrogen peroxide. Mo wire used as the center supporter to make coil typed tungsten wire was to be separated from it. Hydrogen peroxide/catalyst dissolution method was employed to dissolve Mo to decrease the quantity of hydrogen peroxide. Experiments were executed in a reactor with ozone and on ultraviolet lamp.
When treated with ozone and ultraviolet, the quantity of hydrogen peroxide would be decreased 30%.
5. Comparison of air pollution matters generated used dissolving process and advanced dissolving process.
Mo was dissolved by the used process, NOx, SOx, and O⒬ were generated and polluted air very much. But it was found that when Mo was dissolved by the new process, hydrogen peroxide/catalyst dissolution method, generated gases were in good state.
6. It was noted that with the number of times the recollecting Mo percentage become higher, and in spite of much recollecting, without any large effect on the goods the solving water could be reused as the processing water. Because the collected Mo. holding percentages were more than 76%, it is considered they are very good one than Chinese Mo. ores with 50% degrees of purity, worthy of recollecting Mo.
Therefore, we are able to develop a hydrogen peroxide dissolution method, to assure a Mo dissolving technique as clean technology and to draw and make a device for this purpose. The qualities of final products by this hydrogen peroxide dissolution method were proved to be accorded to canon price pretty well, and we were able to secure equipments with automatic control system and technical ability on them, devising the process according to the skills reuse the processing water generated in dissolving process and to recollect high priced Mo from the excessive processing water. the qualities of final products by these skills were accorded to canon price largely. The productivity per hour of hydrogen peroxide dissolution method was improved more than 80% adjusting reaction temperatures.
Especially one of the most considerable results is the fact that Mo dissolving industry, which was pollution one, is turned into an ecologic and clean technique industry. With the results developed in this study it is considered to expected it to be a competitive international clean technical business.
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Dissolution of Mandrel Wre in Filament Manufacturing Process and the Recovery of Molybdenum by means of Advanced Oxidation
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Hong, Jong-Soon
朝鮮大學校 大學院
일반대학원 환경공학과
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Table Of Contents
List of Tables = ⅳ
List of Figures = ⅴ
Abstract = ⅹ
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
Ⅱ. 이론적 배경 = 4
1. 필라멘트의 개발 및 특성 = 4
2. 필라멘트 심선의 용해 = 9
1) 몰리브덴의 특성 = 9
2) Mandrel wire의 용해법 = 10
3. 산화환원 전위 = 24
1) 산화환원의 원리 = 24
2) 산화환원전위의 이론 = 25
3) 산화환원 전위의 측정 = 26
Ⅲ. 실험방법 및 장치 = 27
1. H₂O₂/촉매용해법의 Mo용해실험 = 27
1) 실험장치 = 27
2) 실험조건 = 30
3) 분석방법 = 30
2. H₂O₂/O₃/UV용해법의 Mo용해실험 = 31
3. H₂O₂/촉매 pilot plant의 Mo용해실험 = 33
4. 공정수의 Mo회수 = 37
5. Pilot plant의 ORP에 의한 공정제어 = 40
6. 공정수중의 Mo회수 실험 = 42
Ⅳ. 결과 및 고찰 = 44
1. H₂O₂/촉매 용해법의 Mo용해 = 44
1) Mandrel wire직경과 반응시간에 따른 Mo제거량 = 44
2) H₂O₂농도와 반응시간에 따른 Mo제거 및 전기저항 = 45
3) 촉매와 반응시간에 따른 Mo제거 및 전기저항 = 48
4) 초기 반응온도와 시간에 따른 Mo제거 = 51
5) 반응온도에 따른 Mo용해 = 54
6) Purity 및 Mixture방법에 의한 Mo용해 = 58
2. H₂O₂/O₃/UV에 의한 Mo용해 = 63
3. H₂O₂/촉매에 의한 Pilot Plant에서 Mo용해 = 72
1) FL형 필라멘트의 Mo용해 = 72
2) GLS형 필라멘트의 Mo용해 = 77
4. 혼산용해법과 H₂O₂/촉매 용해법에서 발생되는 대기오염물질 비교 = 82
5. 용해반응 공정수의 재활용 실험 = 84
6. 용해반응 공정수에서 몰리브덴 회수 = 88
1) Mo회수에 대한 실험 = 88
2) Mo에 대한 시장 조사 = 94
Ⅴ. 결론 = 96
Reference = 99
朝鮮大學校 大學院
洪宗淳. (2005). 高度酸化에 의한 필라멘트 製造工程의 心線 溶解 및 몰리브덴 回收.
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