지방정부간 갈등에 있어서 언론의 영향력에 관한 연구

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A Study on the Influence of the Press on Conflicts between Local Governments

Park, Geun-Soo
Advisor : Prof. Park, Hwie-Seo
Department of Public Administration
Graduate Shool of Chosun University

Intervention of regional press in conflicts between local governments is natural and its function is important to deal with various problems and form desirable public opinion. So, a focus is given on influence of the press on conflicts between local governments. Therefore, this study is to analyse the influences of community press.
For the purpose, this study investigates public opinions and attitudes targeting what is reported by community press, public officers and regional press people in order to find developmental directions of regional press that resolve conflicts between regional governments and help development of their self-governance.
In this perspective, this study focuses on specific discussion on how much report by regional press or its report style influence conflicts between regional governments through what factors and processes of conflicts to identify a desirable approach and direction of report on conflicts between governments.
To achieve the purpose of this study, this study prepared an analysis frame based on case analyses and theoretical discussion of previous studies for a positive analysis.
For theoretical analyses, this study collected domestic and international books and theses on conflicts between local governments and roles of regional press to use them for theoretical discussion.
First, this study analyses examples to analyse influence of the press on conflicts between local governments targeting conflicts due to attraction of preferred facilities of Gwangju and Jeonnam on October 2003. For an analysis of conflict examples, this study classified developmental process of conflict cases: beginning, intensification and termination of conflict, and conducted qualitative and quantitative analyses in respect to cases, styles and content of report.
Based on theoretical speculations, this study selected related variables and designed an analysis model for speculation and analysis of influence of the press on conflict between local governments.
This study selected 100 public officers in charge of planning, execution, civil application who are working for Gwangju city government Naju city government, as specific subjects for this positive analysis and 240 pressmen who are working for Chonnamilbo, Gwangjuilbo and Mudeungilbo by considering foundations years of Chonnamilbo, Gwangjuilbo, Mudeungilbo, Chonammaeil, Gwangnamilbo, Gwangju Times, Gwangjumaeil, Honamsinmun, Honammaeil and Daehanmaeil, the number of copies and their influences on communities.
The questionnaire presented by this study was composed of five variables: positiveness, presentation of alternatives, intensification and fairness of report and cooperation between pressmen. This study divided questions of questionnaire into independent variables and subordinate ones and analyses levels of their influence on conflicts between regional governments. To statistically analyse the result of the questionnaire, this study used SPSSWIN 10.01. This study conducted a reliability analysis to identify internal consistency of questions and the ANOVA to identify difference in means between groups. It also conducted a correlation analysis and a canonical correlation analysis to identify relations between variables and a multi-regression analysis to identify cause and effect between variables.
According to results of overall analyses, it is demonstrated that regional press influences on conflicts between local governments, which confirms that the press has an important role in occurrence of conflicts between governments. Therefore, this study presents the following political suggestions based on the results of the analyses as follows:
First, it is judged through a case study on conflicts that regional press influences on conflicts between local governments through reports of articles.
Second, it is found that there is an interactive relation between positiveness of press report as a factor affecting conflict between governments and its influence on conflicts.
Third, it is found that presentation of alternatives by the press plays an important role in conflicts.
Fourth, it is found that both public officers and press men consider intensified report important through answers on intensification and importance of report in respect to roles of the press.
Fifth, it is found that both public officers and the press men show negative reactions in respect to cooperation between press men.
Sixth, in respect to fairness of the report involved in conflict between local governments, public officers answer fairness of the press is low.
Seventh, it is believed that the analysis and generalization of influences of regional press on settlement of conflicts through scientific methods are very meaningful and important.
Finally, this study presents suggestions on roles of public officers and regional press for settlement of conflicts between regional governments as follows:
When conflicts occur between governments, public officers should converge regional public opinions through various methods such as the press and based on the conversion, they should exactly identify the problems and reflect them to policy.
Public officers who are subjects of problem shooting should do their best to prevent the press from making wrong reports and converge opinions of community more faithfully so that the opinions of community people can be reflected in policy to solve problems. Furthermore, when conflicts occur between governments, the press should report on conflict circumstance exactly, criticize conflict strategies and contribute to settlement of conflicts, and development and interests of community through presentation of alternatives to settle conflicts.
In conclusion, this study conducts a positive research on relations between local governments and press in respect to conflicts to speculate influences of regional press on conflicts between local governments and it has a meaning that it deals with a content that has never been found in previous studies.
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A Study on the Influence of the Press on Conflicts between Local Governments
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Park, Geun-Soo
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 행정학과
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Table Of Contents
제 1 장 서 론 1
제1절 연구목적 1
제2절 연구대상 및 범위 4
제3절 연구방법 6
제 2 장 이론적 논의 7
제1절 정부간 갈등이론 7
제2절 정부간 갈등과 언론의 역할 43
제3절 정부간 갈등에 대한 언론의 영향력 논의 59
제 3 장 분석틀의 정립 67
제1절 분석모형 67
제2절 변수의 조작적 정의 69
제3절 자료분석방법 75
제 4 장 실증분석 78
제1절 자료의 분석 78
제2절 사례분석 122
제3절 분석결과에 대한 종합적 논의 150
제 5 장 결 론 159
제1절 연구요약 및 시사점 159
제2절 연구의 한계점과 향후 연구과제 163
참고문헌 165
부록 설 문 지 174
박근수. (2005). 지방정부간 갈등에 있어서 언론의 영향력에 관한 연구.
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