제2형 근관의 확대방법에 따른 최종근관장파일 크기의 비교

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Type Ⅱ root canal was defined that two canals leave the chamber and merge to form a single canal short of the apex by Weine. The aim of this study was to analyse the master apical file (MAF) size according to various instrumentation techniques in the type Ⅱ root canal when each canal was enlarged to working length.
In this study, 80 teeth of ISO #15 initial apical file (IAF) size in type Ⅱ root canal were randomly divided into four experimental groups with 20 teeth each. According to instrumentation techniques, four groups are : K-FLEXOFILE^(®) (KF), engine-driven Ni-Ti P_(RO)T_(APER)^(®) (PT), HERO Shaper^(®) (HS), K^(3 TM) (K3). All canals were enlarged each working length with ISO #30 size : #30 in KF, F3 in PT, .04/30 in HS, and .06/30 in K3. The master apical file (MAF) size was confirmed by tactile sensation and universal testing machine (EZ test, Shimadzu Co., Kyoto, Japan). The mean MAF size was statistically compared using one-way ANOVA and Tukey HSD test at the 0.05 probability level.
The results of this study were as follows ;
1. The mean MAF size (file size in mm × 10^(-2)) was 38.31±3.81 after each canal enlarged.
2. The mean MAF size was 35.50±3.20 in KF, 41.25±2.22 in PT, 37.50±4.14 in HS, and 39.00±3.08 in K3.
3. There was a statistically significant difference between KF and PT, KF and K3, and, HS and PT (p<0.05).
4. There was a statistically significant difference between the file size of truly used final canal enlargement and MAF (p<0.05).
The MAF size was appeared one or two sizes larger than the final enlarging instrument when all canal in type Ⅱ configuration were enlarged to each working length. Therefore, the clinician have to prepare and confirm the apical stop once more after instrumentation of type Ⅱ root canal.
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A Comparison of master apical file size according to instrumentation techniques in type Ⅱ root canal
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 치의학과
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정은주. (2005). 제2형 근관의 확대방법에 따른 최종근관장파일 크기의 비교.
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