한지 지승기법을 이용한 문화 상품 개발 연구

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We are witnessing more cases in which the demand for a souvenir distinctly unique to a certain region is ever more growing, as the society ushers in a diversified global era embracing frequent cross-border relations. Amid such a changing environment, the pressing need for cultural goods, which can only be found in Korea, becomes more apparent than ever. The cultural products should be designed in a way which can represent Korean spirit and culture in its form and content, while taking on universal traits.
"Jiseung industrial art"- art made of Korean paper- exudes the beauty of Korea with its not gaudy and yet subdued colors and material quality into which prudent insight and thoughtful wisdom are brilliantly dissolved. And it is made up of Hanji(Korean paper), the material fitting for the current trend of pursuing well-being, as it is much more porous and breathable.
There are myriads of goods as industrial art that had been passed down through generations in Korea, but of them, this thesis focuses on combining "Hanji Jiseung" craftsmanship with cultural goods.
This study defined the techniques of Jiseung craftsmanship and remaining Jiseung relics by their intended use, recognized the superb quality of Hanji and developed cultural goods with practical and rational Jiseung craftsmanship applied.
The arrived conclusions are as follows:
First, Korea is the one and only country in the world in which we twist paper into a string and weave it to make goods for living. Having such a unique heritage and putting it into actual practice merit our pride.
Second, there are few craftsmen, dedicated to this art, and not enough number of and less diverse range of goods.
Third, there is a pressing need for developing a variety of goods and have it mass produced to sort out identified problems herein.
Fourth, the steep price of goods requiring lacquer finish can be dealt with by targeting a specific interested purchaser.
Fifth, time can be saved if traditional Jiseung technique and production processes become simplified. And if we turn our attention to developing products made of not only Hanji(Korean paper), but also of merged materials including mixed with cotton or wood and coming up with a series of goods to be used for daily necessities and style and design of which can appeal to the public, then cultural goods produced by Jiseung technique can surely gain international competitiveness.
The cultural goods with Jiseung craftsmanship can stand out and draw universal acclamation, if we align them with a global trend, while keeping the spirit and characteristic intact.
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A Study on the Development of Cultural Commodities using Ji-Seung Technique of Korean Traditional Paper
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Han, Kyung-Hee
조선대학교 디자인대학원
디자인대학원 공예디자인학과
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제 1장 서론 = 1
제 1절. 연구목적 = 1
제 2절. 연구방법 = 2
제 2장 문화상품의 이론적 배경 = 3
제 1절. 문화상품의 정의 = 3
제 2절. 문화상품의 특성 = 5
제 3장 한지공예의 이론적 배경 = 6
제 1절. 한지의 역사적 배경과과 종류 = 6
제 2절. 한지공예의 종류 = 10
제 4장 지승공예에 대한 고찰 = 15
제 1절. 지승의 사적고찰 = 15
제 2절. 지승공예품의 종류 = 17
제 3절. 지승공예의 재료와 제작공정 = 27
제 4절. 현대 지승 공예 작품 = 41
제 5장 지승기법 문화상품 개발의 고찰 = 43
제 1절. 지승기법 문화상품 가능성 = 43
제 2절. 지승기법 문화상품 개발의 요소 = 44
제 3절. 지승기법 문화상품 개발 사례 = 47
제6장 지승기법 문화상품 개발 제시 = 50
제 1절. 제작배경 = 50
제 2절. 지승기법 문화상품의 제작 = 51
제 7장 결론 = 73
조선대학교 디자인대학원
한경희. (2005). 한지 지승기법을 이용한 문화 상품 개발 연구.
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