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This study aims to analyse the meaning of life and death of artists or craftsman shown in Lee Chung-jun's artist novels. The artists or craftsman shown in Lee Chung-jun's artist novels appear to have problems caused by discord with their lives. They have individual and specific philosophies and at the same time, intend to discover the values of life as artists. However, they do not adapt to social change at all and oppose against the world. Characters in his novels such as falcon hunters, tightrope walker, photographer, novelist and artist consistently pursue their artistic values, but as their dreams may not come true in reality, they are isolated and frustrated. They deny orders and changes through death and missing and pursue distinctive artistic value systems.
They are more indulged in their isolation and opposition due to strangeness between the souls and the world, and their prejudice expands the gap between them through repetitive oppositions and hostilities. So, selves build stronger walls against the external world surrounding themselves and the internal selves can not help being immersed in their world. Therefore, dualism between selves and the world is getting clearer.
This study is to intensively analyse how dualism of artistic behaviors of artists and life is represented centering on the novels such as < Falcon Hunter>, < The Door of Hours>, < Tightrope Walker>, < The House of Wings>, and < The Target > in which isolation of artists and craftsmanship are shown. Also, it is to identify what artistic orientation the author is to show in literature and art is. For the purpose, this study speculates the concept of the artist novel and its characteristic.
In general, it may be said that literature is a process to discover the truth and during the process, the author pursues his lost soul. In that case, the artist novel includes traces and changes of artists activities of the hero. Also, it presents artistic mission, opposition of the artist against society, essence of artistic creation as themes.
The artist novel describes the process the artist who is isolated from reality recognizes reality based on their art, or the process the artist gives up possibility of realization of self in reality and selects death which is estranged from life. In respect to artist novels, the characters in Lee Chung-juns' novels who do not adapt to real changes of their society have oppositions and conflicts in reality, and are immersed in their world. In particular, through life and death of the craftsmen who are getting isolated in changes of modern values, Lee Chung-jun intensively deals with what true artistic behaviors or craftsmanship that should be kept in historical values and changes are.
The author identifies the values of artistic behaviors of artists through frame-type description. In the aspect of types, his novels have a characteristic that readers are allowed to participate in the exploring process of artistic behaviors by artists following after the eyes of speaker. Based on the discussion above, it was suggested that dualism of art opposing against reality of artists the author intends to identify in artist novels is related to the meaning of life and death of craftsmen, that is, artists who are not secularized in changes of modern values and pursue a true value system.
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A Study on Lee Chung-jun's Artist Novels
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 국어국문학과
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
1. 연구사 검토 및 문제 제기 = 1
2. 연구범위와 연구방법 = 5
Ⅱ. 예술가소설의 본질 = 7
1. 예술가소설의 개념 = 7
2. 예술가소설의 특징 = 10
Ⅲ. 서사구조와 담론의 특성 = 13
1. 액자소설 형식 = 13
1) 화자의 시점변이 = 15
2) 서사주체와 서술구조 = 21
3) 탐색의 과정과 열린 구조 = 26
2. 담론층위와 서사적 특성 = 30
1) 말의 허상과 진실 찾기 = 30
2) 회상의 시간과 장인의식 = 35
3) 세속적 욕망과 전통적 아름다움 = 41
Ⅳ. 삶과 예술의 이원성 = 47
1. 예술가의 존재방식 = 48
1) 예술행위와 시대적 가치 = 48
2) 예술적 주체의 현실대응 방식 = 53
3) 현실 체험과 예술적 내면화 과정 = 56
2. 예술가의 죽음과 시간성 = 61
1) 예술적 완성을 위한 선택 = 62
2) 소외된 현실로부터의 초월 의지 = 67
3)절대적 가치를 위한 승천 = 75
Ⅴ. 결론 = 78
참고문헌 = 86
조선대학교 대학원
신정자. (2005). 이청준의 예술가소설 연구.
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