시각적 광고에 표현된 에로티시즘 Make-up에 관한 연구

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Study of eroticism Make-up that is expressed in visual advertisement

Nam, kum- hee
Adviser: Prof. Han, sun- ju
Departmet of Beauty Design,
Graduate school of Chosun University

Eroticism in modern advertisement is the best way to be noticed by clients and is got on people nerves. it brings physical voluntarism.
Consumer is choose the eroticism because they need satisfactions that are a way to have their problems; a sense of alienation, socially and individual desires.
In the past, commonly eroticism was thought a just sexual act but it is not a true. this feeling is a good point for advertisement.
Make-up that is based on eroticism expresses showing-off, a sexual stimulus and carnal pleasure and it is organized a modeling, a material being, colour sensation.
Glossy make-up brings on pure feeling and sex appeal and strong feminine for deeply sensational feeling.
And smoky make-up produces intellectual eroticism, dramatic eroticism. also surplus expression of showing-off that is tattoo and snobbery represents mechanism and decadence.
In Advertisement, expression method consists on direct expression, indirect expression, symbolic expression and fantastical expression.
make-up in direct expression reflects simple and healthful skin, make-up in symbolic expression and fantastical expression reflects various expressions with bold colours.
In result, eroticism make-up purpose to help making effective advertisement and discriminative advertisement.
Eroticism make-up will be the best solution to appeal to the buyer and expression of make-up that is based on pure emotions and sexual tangle is developed by the needs of the times and trends.
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Nam, kum-hee
디자인대학원 뷰티패션디자인
디자인대학원 뷰티패션디자인학과
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Table Of Contents
제1장 서론 1
제1절 연구 목적과 의의 1
제2절 연구 방법 2

제2장 이론적 배경 4
제1절 에로티시즘의 이론적 배경 4
1. 에로티시즘 개념 4
2. 에로스의 유래 6
제2절 광고의 이론적 배경 6
1. 광고의 특성과 의의 6
2.시각적 이미지 광고 8

제3장 광고 메이크업과 에로티시즘 9
제1절 광고 메이크업과 에로티시즘 9
1.광고 메이크업의 정의 9
2.광고와 에로틱 메이크업 10
제2절 에로티시즘 선택 동기 25
1.광고에서의 에로티시즘 선택 동기 25
2.소비자의 에로티시즘 구매 동기 26
3.에로티시즘 광고의 효과 29
제3절 에로틱 메이크업의 심리적 분석 30
1.자기 과시와 자아실현 30
2.성적 자극 심리 39
3.성적 쾌락 심리 49

제4장 광고 메이크업에 나타난 에로틱 메이크업 특성 52
제1절 광고 메이크업의 조형요소 52
1.형태 표현 52
2.질감 표현 58
3.색채 표현 64
제2절 시각적 광고에 표현된 에로틱 메이크업 특성 73
1.직접적 표현 73
2.간접적 표현 74
3.상징적 표현 75
4.환상적 표현 77

제5장 결론 및 제언 86

참고문헌 89

국문초록 92
남금희. (2005). 시각적 광고에 표현된 에로티시즘 Make-up에 관한 연구.
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