XML기반의 처방전 보안 시스템 설계 및 구현

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XML is attracting expectation by raising the Internet technical level that scattered after HTML with metalanguage providing a format to describe structured data. Because this is the one of the next generation EDI study that is going to solve a problem of various traditional EDI systems as active application development applying performed XML technology to an EDI message. The purpose of DTD is a discrimination of meaning about document underwear data, the other one is a effectiveness inspection of a document as a file having MeTa contents to express XML. Therefore, a security policy suitable for XML own security is asked on DTD. However, a effective policy for a DTD security is not offered yet because for one XML document, it must be written solely one DTD with a base, also the lack of expansibility of an element declaration drops.
As for the history of transaction, a medical insurance association and a Korean communication originated jointly through construction of a medical care section EDI system for a consultation fee demand and payment through a medical insurance EDI showing an example business in the former between organizations of the hospital in case of domestic medical care field in May for 1994 years. A cost to have obeyed a paper prescription publication and management occurs in entrance of a medical care organ by execution of medicine division of labor in July for 2000 years, and pay personnel expenses an increasing rate. with division of work a prescription publication, medical examination record and consultation fee demand materials drawing up if I published the paper prescription which became a notes.
A re-input and dual work of health insurance demand examination materials drawing up of prescription materials arise in a drugstore, waste of time resources. several on expansion the time that a medical care user must visit a medical care organ and a drugstore at the same time, and reach compounding of medicines in prescription. Also, possibility for health to rather turn worse has a compounding of medicines delay and a back giving up compounding of medicines if a prescription is lost. Also, a wrong compounding of medicines by misreading of a pharmacist by a notes prescription of a doctor or a damaged prescription, and health of a patient can become a problem. Therefore, I propose a prescription transmission system based on XML in this paper, and it is not to attach a former signature to only a XML document for encoding of XML/EDI, and it is construction, one with the prescription transmission system which is safer with what use a way to attach a digital signature to DTD.
I defined sub element to manage information prescription DTD defined prescription information, patient information, medical care organ information, prescription details information, compounding of medicines details information element according to for each a component of a prescription I went along, and to have looked up, and to have obeyed information transmission at he low rank. I read a DTD file for safe prescription transmission, and I do element or property, the entity which I do it, and is extracted here, and Pasing is saved in a table while being a field. If Pasing is finished, I read and lift a hash table and carry out message a digest. I compose it with an early private key and create a digital signature.
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Design and implementation of the prescription secure system based on the XML
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 전자계산학과
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Table Of Contents
목차 = I
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
Ⅱ. 병원정보 시스템 = 5
A. 병원정보 시스템의 개요 = 5
B. 병원정보시스템의 기능 = 11
C. 처방전달 시스템 = 16
D. 의학영상 정보시스템 = 18
E. 의무기록시스템 = 22
F. 검사 정보 시스템(Laboratory Information System) = 25
Ⅲ. 메타 레벨의 XML 보안기법 제안 = 27
A. XML 보안 = 27
B. DTD 보안상의 문제점 = 39
C. XML 유효성 유지 문제 = 45
D. XML 스키마에 기반한 XML 보안성과 유효성 유지 = 47
E. 메타 레벨의 XML 보안기법 제안 = 51
Ⅳ. 안전한 처방전 전송 시스템 설계 = 57
A. 안전한 처방전 전송 시스템의 개요 = 57
B. 처방전의 문서구조 = 58
C. 처방전 DTD 설계 = 60
Ⅴ. 시스템 구현 및 고찰 = 62
A. 시스템의 구성 = 62
B. DTD 전자 서명 = 64
C. XML 유효성 유지를 위한 XML 스키마 = 69
D. XML 문서의 복호화 = 72
E. 시스템 평가 = 74
Ⅵ. 결론 = 78
[참고문헌] = 80
이상범. (2005). XML기반의 처방전 보안 시스템 설계 및 구현.
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