한국 여인의 이미지를 응용한 화기제작 연구

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As man uses hands, he began to make tools needed in life with natural objects around him. Early tools and instruments were made only for use and didn't consider design, but as times changed, craftsman who made them by considering beauty and design appeared and uses and forms of tools were changed greatly.
Flower vase was also appeared with the flower arrangement under the influence to honor trees and plants in the primitive ages and for the purpose of extending life of flowers, but it was developed as it was used for sacrificial rite in the ancient times and it has been developed to beautiful forms beyond an artwork including celadon porcelain and white porcelain.
The form of flower vase was decided strictly by its needs, but its forms were decided by the development of celadon porcelain and social concept.
Most of it’s shapes were splendid and had opened Jeon and exaggerated bottom and it was originally used for offering water in vase to Buddha. Vases in the age of Goryo developed on the basis of Buddhist styles showed craftsmen's personality by worshipping Confucianism and controlling Buddhism. However, there were no records of flower vases which were not for flower arrangement and it was used for sacrificial rites in the age of the Three Kingdoms according to records. Its examples included the bunch of flowers on the Bichun statue shown in and and cloth bunch of flowers on the wall painting of ceiling in the Joseon age.
History of flower vases was originated in flower arrangement and continued. Since flower vases had sole purposes of 'harmony with flowers' in its functions, it has freedom in its shapes. But it was very flexible and expresses figurative beauty with flower vase without excluding 'its uses'.
Therefore, this study is to develop flower vase which can meet practicality and formative art of original vase as well as to pursue the purposes of vase. The patterns of vases use woman body as motif and then if unique expression types of line, color and form is applied to making vase as subjective emotion, natural and curved beauty can be assimilated with the natural beauty of flowers. Also it will result in differentiation from vases which emphasizes formative beauty.
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­A study on the manufacture of ceramic vase­
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Kim, Mi-Suk
조선대학교 디자인대학원
디자인대학원 공예디자인학과
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제1장 서론 = 1
제1절 연구 목적 = 1
제2절 연구 방법 및 범위 = 2
제2장 본론 = 4
제1절 화기에 관한 고찰 = 4
1. 화기의 변천과정 = 5
가. 삼국 시대의 화기 = 5
나. 고려시대의 화기 = 9
다. 조선시대의 화기 = 10
2. 한국 화기의 조형적 특징 = 12
3. 현대 화기의 종류 = 13
제2절 한국 여인의 이미지 연구 = 19
1. 전통적 한국 여인의 이미지 = 19
가. 풍속화에 나타난 여인의 이미지 = 21
나. 조형물에 나타난 여인의 이미지 = 25
2. 근?현대 한국 여인의 이미지 = 28
제3절 화기 제작 = 32
1. 성형 = 32
2. 시유 = 32
3. 소성 = 33
4. 작품완성 = 35
제4절 결론 = 47
참고문헌 = 49
조선대학교 디자인대학원
김미숙. (2004). 한국 여인의 이미지를 응용한 화기제작 연구.
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