옻(漆)을 이용한 목심다기(木心茶器) 디자인 연구

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Today the culture becomes more diverse and requires for more advanced environments and living standards in the age of information and culture. People have increased their interest in health and natural environments. This study set out to use a natural material, lacquer, and develop a product with it in attempting to pursue the quality values not quantity ones. The paper was proceeded as follows according to the theme:
1. An investigation was conducted in order to develop tea pottery that could reflect the Korean affection and help the traditional Korean culture settle down as a modern lifestyle.
2. Wooden tea pottery with a lacquer application was chosen of many different kinds of tea pottery as environment and health were taken into account to produce a well-being product.
3. A place to drink tea was created to offer an indirect experience of the traditional Korean culture and promote more efforts to create diverse tea culture.
4. Finally, the goal was set to increase the demands for wooden tea pottery with a lacquer application. Before making a prototype, the characteristic concepts of lacquer were examined along with the trends in tea culture.
The distribution of tea pottery with a lacquer application in the market was also examined, and the information regarding the tea pottery in the market in terms of form, size, color, and price was used to make the prototype. The examination and analysis results were as follows: compared to other lines of products, the experts and businesses dealing with lacquer were small in numbers. In the past they had a problem of long manufacture period and limited production as the production depended on manual works. Now the newly introduced production system of mechanization has enabled mass production to some degree. But lacquer products were surely far from popularization since there was lack of promotion and perception by consumers. Only a few number of lacquer enthusiasts made a small amount of purchase of lacquer products. Other reasons that lacquer products were sold only in small numbers were that there were little efforts on the design compared to other product lines and that concerning expertise was in an urgent demand. Besides the price was not exactly affordable for average consumers. As a matter of fact it was in the range of high-class products. Based on the results, the following resolutions were suggested: first, professional promotional tools should be adopted to induce more demands for wooden tea pottery with a lacquer application. This way the domestic market for the product line will grow and even obtain a great marketability internationally if they carry out active promotions to increase exports and advance into the global markets. Tea pottery of new and distinct character should also be developed with the old designs and materials discarded. With the help and advice from the experts on lacquer crafts whose skills are in a higher level and from tea experts, the investigator took into account the practical use, need and reality as well as the theoretical aspects in making a prototype.
As for the measures to market wooden tea pottery with a lacquer application, the designers and masters in crafts should work together to develop a product of the line proper for the real demands and to create a high-grade brand to create added value. Two types of tea pottery sets and three types of teacups were manufactured which followed the proper price suggestion and modern design requirements. The concept of the product was wooden tea pottery with a lacquer application, which was maintained by adopting a simple design with no decorations. Thus the tea pottery produced in the study is expected to contribute to a new, distinct tea culture, whose popularity will lead to the traditional Korean tea culture being experienced more and to its becoming a daily lifestyle. The results of research on wooden tea pottery with a lacquer application will promote the efforts to create a new, distinct tea culture fitting the tendency of the modern people to enjoy an event from time to time.
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A Study on the Design of Wooden Tea Pottery with a Lacquer Application
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Yoon, Hye-Jeong
조선대학교 대학교
일반대학원 산업공예학과
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제1장 서론 = 1
제1절 연구 목적 = 1
제2절 연구범위 및 방법 = 3
제2장 옻[漆]과 다기의 이론적 고찰 = 4
제1절 옻 공예의 개념 및 분류 = 4
제2절 다기(茶器)의 구성 및 특성 = 23
제3장 옻 목심다기의 특징 = 37
제4장 현대 다기의 사례 분석 = 39
제1절 조사대상 및 방법 = 39
제2절 사례 조사 = 39
제3절 사례 분석 = 41
제4절 분석 결과 = 45
제5장 옻 목심다기 디자인 전개 = 52
제1절 디자인 개요 = 52
제2절 디자인 전개 = 54
제6장 결론 = 61
국문초록 = 63
참고문헌 = 65
조선대학교 대학원
윤혜정. (2004). 옻(漆)을 이용한 목심다기(木心茶器) 디자인 연구.
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