열 화학 기상법으로 증착된 SnO₂ 박막의 구조, 광학 및 전기적 특성

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Abnormal grain growth (AGG) occurs when SnO₂ thin films are deposited by conventional thermal CVD at 475 ℃, and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy shows some of the interfaces to be atomically faceted. However, when deposited at 525 ℃ normal grain growth (NGG) occurs with all the interfaces smoothly curved and atomically rough. This correlation between interface structure and grain growth behavior is consistent with that observed previously in bulk materials. For the application of SnO₂ thin films in sensors and transparent electrodes, the temperature of 525 ℃, which is just above the faceting transition temperature, was found to be optimum deposition temperature due to its small grain size and high surface to volume ratio.
The photoluminescence properties of SnO₂ were investigated with different substrate temperatures. X-ray diffraction showed that the crystallinity of the grown thin films increased with increasing substrate temperatures. Two narrow peaks and two broad peaks were observed from the photoluminescence measurements at 6 K. The intensity and shape of the broad peaks changed with increasing substrate temperature. It is concluded that the origin of the broad peak at 2.4 eV was due to oxygen vacancies and that of peak at 3.1 eV was related to structural defects.
Hall effect measurements showed that the carrier density was decreased as increasing deposition time from 10 to 30 min., but increased for the deposition of 60 min
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Structural, Optical, and Electric Properties of SnO₂ Thin Films deposited by Thermal Chemical Vapour Deposition Method
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Jeong, Jin
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 물리학과
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Table Of Contents
제 1 장 서론 = 1
제 2 장 이론 = 5
1. 전계 및 자계 내에서 운반자의 이동 = 5
2. 온도에 의존 하는 이동도 = 8
3. Hall 효과 = 11
제 3 장 실험 및 측정 = 13
1. SnO₂박막 성장용 열 CVD 장치 = 13
2. SnO₂박막의 성장 = 15
3. SnO₂박막의 구조 특성 측정 = 18
3-1. SnO₂박막의 XRD 측정 = 18
3-2. SnO₂박막의 SEM 측정 = 18
3-3. SnO₂박막의 TEM 측정 = 18
4. SnO₂박막의 광학 특성 측정 = 20
5. SnO₂박막의 전기 특성 측정 = 20
제 4 장 결과 및 고찰 = 21
1. SnO₂박막의 구조 = 21
1-1. SnO₂박막의 조성 및 결정 구조(XRD) = 21
1-2. SnO₂박막의 표면구조(SEM) = 28
1-3. SnO₂박막의 미세구조(TEM) = 40
2. SnO₂박막의 광발광(Photoluminescence) = 54
3. SnO₂박막의 Hall 효과 = 62
제 5 장 결론 = 69
References = 71
조선대학교 대학원
정진. (2004). 열 화학 기상법으로 증착된 SnO₂ 박막의 구조, 광학 및 전기적 특성.
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