高等學校 漢文 敎科書에 나타난 故事成語 敎育에 關한 硏究

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As phrases based on ancient historical events, phrases of ancient-event are meant as phrases which, from ancient times, have been conveyed as events with their origins and been in widespread use.
In contrast to the prejudice that, in general, difficult to learn and to write, phrases of ancient-event have been in widespread use in our daily lives from the past well to the present time, since they have the characteristics of implication, teaching, and popularity, Also, containing the life and event of our predecessors, phrases of ancient-event present us with the wisdom and lessons on life and play an important role in succeeding to and in developing traditional culture.
This study is based on the 10 kinds of textbooks of Sino-Korean for high school students and approaches as the following :
1) This study looks into the characteristics and objectives of phrases of ancient-event and observes the whole matters surrounding the current education of phrases of ancient-event
2) This study analyzes phrases of ancient-event by text books and by phrases to show the problems with the education of phrases of ancient-event contained in current textbooks
3) This study analyzes the contents of phrases of ancient-event by themes. And, this provides not only surface-meanings, inside-meanings, original phrases, origins, and the backgrounds of phrases of ancient-event, but also synonyms, antonyms, and usages to help understand the right meaning of phrases of ancient-event, and to make use of them in real life.
4) This study looks into the original phrases from their sources, into the elements of learning, and into the selection of themes as an improvement of the education of phrases of ancient-event.
The number of phrases of ancient-event contained in the current 10 types of textbooks is 173 in total, and, with the exception of duplicate phrases, as many as 68 of them are recorded on the text books. When you look into them by themes, most of the phrases of ancient-event are about learning, wisdom and attitude toward life, and they are chosen on the moral basis and are a good example for adolescents who are about to form their own values.
But most of the text books do not contain phrases about filial duty and friendship which are the basis of the thought of traditional morals, and either, especially, they do not contain at all phrases of ancient-event about filial duty or even if they do the number is remarkably low.
As an improvement to phrases of ancient-event, this study provides such various learning elements as surface-meanings, inside-meanings, original phrases, origins, and backgrounds, synonyms, related proverbs, and usages of phrases of ancient-event for each of them
Through these, this study is intended not also to help understand the right meaning about phrases of ancient-event but to help extend vocabulary power by letting them actively put to use in the real language life, and, further, this study concentrates on helping understand the life and wisdom of our predecessors and foster healthy values and desirable human nature.
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A Study on the Education of Phrases of Ancient-event which Sino-korean Text book in High School
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Lee Jeong-man
일반대학원 한문교육
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 序論
1. 硏究의 必要性 및 目的
2. 硏究의 方法 및 內容
Ⅱ. 漢文 敎育內容 속의 故事成語 敎育
1. 故事成語의 特徵 및 敎育目標
2. 漢文敎科에서의 故事成語의 位置
3. 故事成語 收錄 現況
Ⅲ. 漢文敎科書 속의 故事成語 內容 分析
1. 學問과 智慧
2. 交友와 處世
3. 孝行과 報恩
Ⅳ. 故事成語 敎育의 改善方向
1. 原典의 必要性
2. 學習要素의 多樣性
3. 主題選定의 適切性
Ⅴ. 結論
조선대학교 교육대학원
이정만(李定萬). (2004). 高等學校 漢文 敎科書에 나타난 故事成語 敎育에 關한 硏究.
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