국내 은행산업 수익구조의 문제점과 개선방안

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A Study for Improving Profit Structure
of The Banking Industry In Korea.

Jun-Young, Park
Supervisor : Dr. Hyun-Chul Lee
Division of Business Adminstration
College of Business, Chosun University

There is a critical view by journalism, financial supervisor authorities and the public that profits of financial institutes in Korea have increased despite financial situation of household and firms worsen by the recent hugely increased household credit and economic recession. Specially an opinion of the necessity that Korean banks have to lower the interest rate and various fees is being significantly raised since they is making lots of profit from the simple and easy business such as lending and deposit rates and a bank remittance charge.
In recent times, Korean banks are in face with not only an increased burden of large bad liabilities but also lack of a professional manpower resultant from an early retirement due to a declining competitiveness index. At the time of economic and real-estate market recession, the banks are more likely to have bigger burden to keep the high bad liability allowance because they are fragile in sourcing profits from lending and deposit rates and a bank remittance charge and because their most of their loans consist with residential mortgage loan and other property loans. So, it is the current situation of the domestic banks that is reducing work force to cope with narrow margin and high bad debt allowance.
Accordingly, this study reviews the characteristics of domestics banks revenue structure and its problems blamed by public. Also this study seeks after a feasible solution of domestic banks' problems. To this end, this work bases on reviewing the literature of periodical publications and research papers from a variety of economic research institutes (e.g.., Korean Institute of Finance, the research centers of other financial institutes, Bank of Korea, and the Korea Financial Supervisory Service, and etc.).
The domestic banks have to maintain continuous growth and development that are a foundation of driving economic growth through holding optimal ratio of various revenue portfolios including reasonable interest margin and banking fee and through supplying stable financial resource. Therefore, this study analyzes the profit structure of the domestic banking industry and then suggests ways to improve it. In addition, it suggests an efficient and effective management approach of banks in ways to diversify the profit structure of domestic banking industry and improve the financial supervision system.
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A Study for Improving Profit Structure of The Banking Industry In Korea
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Park Jun Young
경영대학원 경영학석사학위과정
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목 차

제Ⅰ장 서 론 1
제1절 연구의 필요성과 목적 1
제2절 연구 방법과 범위 2

제Ⅱ장 은행산업 수익구조의 현황과 문제점 3
제1절 이자수입에 대한 높은의존도와 비이자수익의 취약 3
제2절 수수료의 경직성 10
제3절 관치금융의 문제 13
제4절 국내금융기관의 글로벌화 현황과 문제점 22
제5절 국내금융기관 핀테크산업의 전개 및 현황 38

제Ⅲ장 개선방안 44
제1절 비이자수익의 증대 44
제2절 수수료수입의 다변화 46
제3절 금융기관의 책입경영 및 관치금융 배제 47
제4절 금융기관의 국제(글로벌)화의 개척 및 확대 49
제5절 핀테크산업의 선제적 대응과 금융혁신 55

제Ⅳ장 결 론 57

참고문헌 58

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박준영. (2017). 국내 은행산업 수익구조의 문제점과 개선방안.
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