한국기업의 일과 삶 균형 이론 연구 및 실태 분석

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An Analysis on the Work-Life Balance Focused on the Theory and Practices in Korea Companies

Byeong Chan Goh
Advisor : Prof. Jin Chul Jung, Ph.D.
Department of Business Adminstration
Graduate School of Business Adminstration, Chosun University

This study is a review research about the work-life balance, which becomes one of the most challenging research topic that would enhance the organizational effectiveness and retain the top talented women HR. Work-life balance is defined as a state of equilibrium between organizational work and family work. The reason of why the issue of work-life balance is important in the workplace & family is that the effective utilization of balance of work-life balance has provide positive impacts on job and family.
There has been growing interest about the issue of work-life balance and its policies. This growing interest stems from the low birth rate and underutilization of women workforce in workplace. From this viewpoint, Korea government are trying to utilize women workforce to overcome coming shortage of workforce.
Work-life balance as a contemporary issue is fundamentally linked with positive work attitude and behavior. Furthermore it is considered in terms of gender justice. The hierarchy concept between male and female were conceived as normal in traditional society; however the relationship between male and female is viewed as equal opportunity.
This study is a review paper encompassing the theoretical approach of work life balance and practical cases that utilize the work life balance and family friendly program.

Key words : work-life balance, family friendly culture, work-life conflict,
Alternative Title
An Analysis on the Work-Life Balance Focused on the Theory and Practices in Korea Companies
Alternative Author(s)
Goh, Byeong Chan
경영대학원 경영학석사학위과정
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Table Of Contents
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표목차 ⅲ
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Ⅰ. 서 론 1
1. 연구의 필요성 및 목적 1
2. 연구 방법 및 범위 6

Ⅱ. 고용시장 동향과 여성인력의 필요성 7
1. 한국의 노동시장의 동향 7
2. 여성인력의 필요성 9
3. 일하는 방식의 개선 차원에서의 WLB 11

Ⅲ. 일과 삶 균형에 관한 이론적 접근 14
1. 사회환경과 연동된 일과 삶 균형 접근 14
2. 제도와 정책 16
3. 일과 삶의 균형 척도 개발 및 타당성 24
4. 일과 삶의 균형에 미치는 선행변수 연구 28
5. 일과 가정의 갈등 해소 차원 30
6. 일과 가정 균형 이론 연구 36
7. WLB 제도 및 프로그램의 효과성 42
8. WLB 대한 주관적 지각 50
9. WLB 연구 및 정책의 한계에 대한 제시 57

Ⅳ. 사례 연구 60

1. LG 전자 61
2. SAS 62
3. P&G 63
4. 제니퍼소프트 64
5. 한국타이어 64

Ⅴ.결론 및 시사점 66

참고문헌 69
조선대학교 경영대학원
고 병 찬. (2016). 한국기업의 일과 삶 균형 이론 연구 및 실태 분석.
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