상호작용 공정성과 이직의도, 혁신행동과의 관계:조직기반 자긍심의 매개효과

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The Effects of Interactional Justice on Turnover Intention, Innovative Behavior: Organization based Self-Esteem(OBSE) As A Mediator

by Baek, Jeong Hun
Advisor: Cho, Yoon Hyung, Ph. D.
Graduate School of Business Administration,
Chosun University

The purpose of this study is to investigate interactional justice on employees' innovative behavior and turnover intention and verifying the organization based self-esteem(OBSE) mediated role of those relationship. Based on the colquitt(2001), interactional justice divided into interpersonal and informational justice. interactional justice are important antecedents innovative behavior and turnover intention, then OBSE's mediated between interactional justice and innovative behavior, turnover intention, that build up theocratical insights for interactional justice's impact process. after literature review, then hypothesis was set as the main effect hypothesis and mediate effects hypothesis. to test hypothesis survey method are performed. total 241 questionnaires are used to analysis. The results are as follows.
First, interactional justice have significant impact on turnover intention and innovate behavior. informational justice not decreasing the turnover intention but, increasing innovative behavior, informational justice decreasing turnover intention and increasing innovative behavior. second, OBSE mediated interactional justice and innovative behavior, but does not mediated interactional justice and turnover intention.
Based on the results, interactional justice is important determinant variable for leading to innovative behavior, and turnover intention. also OBSE have critical role of interactional justice influence onto innovative behavior. it means that if company emphasis on increasing employees innovative behavior, then more amplifies to enhancing interactional justice. and then, high on employees' OBSE leading to innovative behavior of employees.

Key words : Interactional Justice(Interpersonal Justice, Informational Justice), Turnover Intention, Innovative Behavior, Organization based Self-esteem(OBSE).
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The Effects of Interactional Justice on Turnover Intention, Innovative Behavior: Organization based Self-Esteem(OBSE) As A Mediator
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Baek, Jeong Hun
경영대학원 경영학석사학위과정
Table Of Contents
목 차

제 Ⅰ 장 서 론 1

제 Ⅱ 장 이론적 배경 5
제 1 절 상호작용 공정성 5
1) 조직공정성 5
2) 상호작용 공정성 7
제 2 절 혁신행동 9
제 3 절 이직의도 12
제 4 절 조직기반자긍심 15

제 Ⅲ 장 연구설계 및 연구방법 17
제 1 절 연구모형과 가설 17
1) 연구모형의 설계 17
2) 연구문제 및 가설 19

제 2 절 변수의 조작적 정의와 측정 20
1) 상호작용 공정성 20
2) 이직의도와 혁신행동 21
3) 조직기반 자긍심 22

제 3 절 조사방법과 표본구성 23
1) 조사방법 22
2) 조사개요 및 표본의 구성 25

제 Ⅳ 장 실증분석 결과 27
제 1 절 기술통계, 신뢰성 및 타당성 27
1) 변수의 구성타당성 및 신뢰성 검증 27
2) 변수의 기술통계량과 상관관계 31

제 2 절 연구가설의 검증 33
1) 주효과 가설검증 33
2) 매개효과 가설검증 35

제 Ⅴ 장 결론 38
제 1 절 연구결과 요약 및 의의 38
1) 연구결과의 요약 38
2) 연구의 의의 40

제 2 절 연구의 한계 및 제언 42

[참고문헌] 44
[부록] 설문지 52
백정훈. (2015). 상호작용 공정성과 이직의도, 혁신행동과의 관계:조직기반 자긍심의 매개효과.
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