조직지원인식이 고객지향성과 경영성과에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

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The salesperson reacts with customers in the process of delivering and producing services, because of the close correlation between producing and consuming.
The salesperson therefore delivers their own attitudes formed through their own work to customers during the service encounter. The behavior and the attitude of employees, especially in customer-contact point, have a great impact upon the performance of a company since services are delivered through the direct contact between the salesperson and customers.
Thus, in the labor-intensive industry, the manager should put a lot of energy into developing customer orientation along with the attitude to the employees by providing them a nice environment, which they can be satisfied with. Both customer satisfaction and good financial state can be achieved through these efforts.
However, the existing researches into this topic have been limited to the partial concept of organizational Customer Orientation, which is very important in both delivering and creating quality of service. Moreover, we have hardly found researches approaching to establish systematic measurementsto evaluate the attitude and behavior of employees and environmental variables both of which are critical elements in evaluating service quality in the perspective of service management.
For the study, the data were gathered from the Seoul, Gyunggi, Busan, Daejeon, Gwangju province through the questionnaires. Research hypothesis were examined based on the gathered data. the data for this research was collected for 301 businesses utilizing the sampling method after analysis of the data in terms of ML(maximum Likelihood) procedure in AMOS 9.0 was used and the major results are summarized as follows;
First, Organization Support Orientation does not have a direct influence on the performance of a company: customer satisfaction and financial outcome. That is, customer satisfaction and financial outcome dont have a direct effect upon organizational Customer Orientation independently, but upon the jobsatisfaction and the customer-oriented mind of employees indirectly, which is representing an intermediation effect.
Second, Organization Support gets large influence from the customer- oriented mind of employees as a result of verifying a correlation between them. A positive relationship was found between the customer-oriented minded salesperson and the performance of financial state combined with the theoretical That is, Organization Support mind means how employees feel about overall procedure of an organization as well as customs and atmosphere.
Organization Support mind means how employees give off the notion of service-oriented mind to customers. Therefore, With this, it can be suggested to develop actual behavioral rules to guide employees to active participations. Its on the same way with the research result that job satisfaction of employees doesn't have a positive effect on Organization Support mind of employees.
This research has a meaning, in the aspect of performing a integrated research against employees by introducing conception of both Organization Support and customer oriented mind of employees, both of which have not been such an important topic in service marketing research areas.
This research also verifies the relationship between input variables influencing to customer oriented attitudes and output variables influenced by customer-oriented attitudes, which will guide the way how service providing company should have a strong bond with the relationship between customers and employees. Though this, the company could get a chance to see the glimpse of how to reach the goal, long-term development in this fierce competitive business environment.
Alternative Title
An Empirical Study on the Effects of Perceived Organization Support on the Customer Orientation and Performance
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Kim, Sang Su
경영대학원 경영학석사학위과정
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Table Of Contents
목 차


Ⅰ. 서 론 1
1.1 문제제기 및 연구의 목적 1
1.2 연구의 범위 및 방법 3
1.3 논문의 구성 4

Ⅱ. 이론적 배경 5
2.1 조직지원인식 5
2.1.1. 조직지원인식의 개념 5
2.1.2. 조직지원인식의 유형 10
2.1.3. 조직지원인식과 고객지향성과의 관계 14
2.2 고객지향성 18
2.2.1. 고객지향성의 개념 18
2.2.2. 고객지향성의 분류 22
2.2.3. 고객지향성의 측정 26
2.2.4. 고객지향성의 선행연구 28
2.3 경영성과 33
2.3.1. 경영성과의 개념 33
2.3.2. 경영성과에 관한 선행연구 34

Ⅲ. 연구모형 및 가설의 설정 38
3.1 연구모형의 설계 38
3.2 가설의 설정 39
3.2.1 조직지원과 고객지향성 39
3.2.2 조직지원과 경영성과 40
3.2.3 고객지향성의 매개효과 41

Ⅳ. 연구방법 43
4.1 표본의 선정 및 특성 43
4.2 변수의 조직적 정의 45
4.3 설문지 구성 및 측정 46
4.4 자료의 분석방법 48

Ⅴ. 실증분석 49
5.1 변수의 신뢰성 분석 및 타당성 검증 49
5.2 상관관계분석 52
5.3 연구모형의 분석 52
5.4 가설의 검증 58

Ⅵ. 결 론 63
6.1 연구결과의 요약 63
6.2 연구의 시사점 및 한계 64

설 문 지
조선대학교 경영대학원
김상수. (2011). 조직지원인식이 고객지향성과 경영성과에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구.
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