전직지원서비스가 근로자의 전직지원에 미치는 영향에 관한 실증연구

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A Study on the Effects Of Outplacement Services on Employed

Advisor : Prof. Jong-rok Yoon, Ph,D.
Department of Business Adminstration
Graduate School of Business Adminstration, Chosun University

The outplacement service are designed for employees laid off against their intention, and help them minimize their mental shock and search for new jobs or career goals they want. In Korea, the outplacement services are introduced from the latter half of the 1990's by foreign companies located in Korea, and have been adopted among large domestic companies.
These outplacement services are know to have the positive effects not only on employers bout also on both departing employees and remaining employees. However, there have been very few empirical researches in Korea. Because outplacement services have been recently introduced I Korea, the related empirical studies are in early stage.
This study tried to examine the effects of outplacement services on departing and remaining employees with the sample of 243 employees in KT private organizations
The active outplacement service attributes which were applied from the factors of training evalutation system were participation of outplacement service introduction, satisfaction of the outplacement service prociders, outplacement program diversity, and outplacement service practicality.
The effects of appeared outplacement services on organization members were tested in two groups of departing and remaining employees, For departing employees, psychological stability, employability, and perceived images to their ex-organizations were analyzed. For remaining employees, organizational commitment, trust on organization, and the degree of efforts of outplacement services on departing and remaining employees were different by the employees' self-efficacy and the types of organizations.
The result were as follows ;
First, for departing employees, the higher participation in outplacement service introduction, the higher positive images to their ex-organizations and the higher outplacement service practicality, the higher employability.
Second, for departing employees, participation of outplacement service introduction had different effects among organizations. In military organization (Air Force), it was less.
Third, the effects of outplacement service attributes on psychological stability, employability, and perceived images to ex-organizations were differed by the departing employees' self-efficacy. The effects were less when departing employee highly perceived self-efficacy
And finally, when remaining employee highly perceived self-efficacy, the effect of program diversity on the degree of efforts to work was higher.
This study concluded with limitations as well as implications of this research and suggested the future research directions.
Alternative Title
An Empirical Study On The Effects Of Outplacement For The Employed
Alternative Author(s)
da hee yun
조선대학교 경영대학원
경영대학원 경영학석사학위과정
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윤다희. (2009). 전직지원서비스가 근로자의 전직지원에 미치는 영향에 관한 실증연구.
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