건설업체의 아이덴티티 현저성이 발주자의 재구매의도에 미치는 영향

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Nowadays, as competition among business corporations is getting intense and the level of technology is equalizing and products themselves are no longer differentiating factor, consumers are more and more depending on the image of business corporation in their decision?]making of purchase. The management of image of business corporation is the effort to make coincide between the image that a business corporation seeks and that customers have in their mind and its essential core is the management of identity.
Since construction industry, unlike other industries, has the characteristics of production by order as well as complex production, specializations of each involved fields are inevitable and it is consisted of the relation between the construction business corporation and the ordering subject.
The construction industry of our country is currently going through great environmental change in and out due to the opening of domestic market to foreign business enterprises and also to economic difficulties. To cope with this change positively it is necessary to corporate between construction firm and the ordering subject for stronger competitive power.
If so, what is the relational characteristics that enables the long term relationship between them? The possibility of the intimate and focused relationship between construction firm and the ordering subject is the theme discussed in various models in the area of relational marketing.
Nevertheless, in the field of relational marketing, in making effort to establish relation between enterprises, that is, in drawing the ordering subject's will of continuous dealing and positive actions, there is not much study on when and why the ordering subject positively and favorable respond.
Today, in the situation of globalization of construction corporation and of the increase of technological power, the positive action of ordering subject towards construction firm shows various changes. The major factor for the ordering subject to choose construction firm tends to be its prominent identity of formed by the goal, structure, procedure of business management and atmosphere rather than the correct information about it.
Even though the idea of the prominent identity is derived from social?]psychological theory and plays an important role in selecting of relations between business corporations, there is not yet much discovered about it.
Generally the prominent identity as what the corporation desires be perceived by customer expresses the integral image and values of corporation. This prominent identity of corporation is neither tangible nor touchable and yet it is the feeling pictured in the mind of the ordering subject and considerably influences on the relations between the contracting parties.
Therefore, in order to continuously draw the positive actions of ordering subject towards the rapidly changing construction firm on the basis of the influential factors of the prominent identity of corporation, this study attempts to prove the mediating role of the prominent identity by examining the influential relations by way of the prominent identity of corporation on the customer's repurchase intention.
The outcomes of the study are the followings. First, whereas in the case of similarity of identity, its high quality influences on the attraction of identity, in the case of unique identity, it does not. That is to say, in the construction situation, in the case of establishing relation between the ordering party and cooperating business partner, since it is characterized as general contracting relations, this phenomenon is noticeable.
Second, the attraction of construction firm affects the prominent identity and it in turn works as the reinforcing factor of repurchase intention. Thus in order to draw the positive actions of the ordering subject towards the construction firm, there should be some plans of enhancing the attraction of identity. That is, through keeping the deadline, quality guaranteed, economic benefits it is necessary to improve the attraction of identity by the ordering subject.
Also by assuring that the prominent identity affects notably on the repurchase intention of customers, the role of the prominent identity is confirmed to be very important in the marketing relation between corporation and customer. The study is significant for providing a guidance for corporations that want to form and maintain the marketing relations with customer as well as to change the direction into a more favorable one.
Nevertheless, since the proven result and its interpretation of this study shows some limitations and restrictions, its implementation needs more precautions. In the future more thorough studies on solving these problems will be needed.
Some limitations of this study are the followings. First, since the suggested variations to estimate the influential factors for the prominent identity are not absolute tools, further studies on specific and featured (reputation of corporation, mutual benefits, degree of participation) factors will be needed. Also recognizing the repurchase intention of customer as resulting factors of prominent identity, such specific research themes as the devotion, loyalty of customer will need to be analyzed in depth.
Second, in selecting specimens by applying the method of convenient selection of specimen, they are not randomly selected and thus the study has the limitation of generalization. That is, since for convenience's sake the construction firms of Chun Nam, Gwang Ju area were selected and focused particularly on them, the research results have limitations for generalization.
Third, in this study, the concept of influential factors on the attractive identity of corporation cannot be scrutinized. That is, in the case of the specimens of this study, the relation between the construction firm and the ordering subject are already included in the specimen, the uniqueness of the ordering subject cannot be exposed. Therefore, for future studies equal contracting parties will need to be selected and examined.
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The Effects of Construction Firm's Identity Salience on Orderer's Repurchase Intention
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Sung-woo Ma
경영대학원 경영학과
경영대학원 경영학과
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제 1 장 서 론 1
제 1 절 문제의 제기 및 연구의 목적 1
제 2 절 연구의 구성 3

제 2 장 연구의 이론적 고찰 4
제 1 절 기업 아이덴티티에 관한 이론적 고찰 4
제 2 절 기업 아이덴티티 현저성에 관한 이론적 고찰 20

제 3 장 연구 가설의 설정 29
제 1 절 기업 아이덴티티 현저성과 재구매의도의 관계 29
제 2 절 기업 아이덴티티 현저성과 아이덴티티 매력성의 관계 32
제 3 절 기업 아이덴티티 매력성의 영향요인 33

제 4 장 실증분석 37
제 1 절 변수의 조작 및 설문의 구성 37
제 2 절 자료 수집과 표본의 구성 42
제 3 절 측정항목의 평가 44
제 4 절 연구가설의 검증 51
제 5 절 추가분석 55

제 5 장 결론 및 토론 57
제 1 절 연구의 요약 및 시사점 57
제 2 절 연구의 한계점 및 향후 연구과제 60

[참고문헌] 61

[부록] 71
마성우. (2008). 건설업체의 아이덴티티 현저성이 발주자의 재구매의도에 미치는 영향.
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