폐,탄광지역의 대체산업의 육성방안 : 화순군을 중심으로

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The coal industry, which has played key role in a local economy during the industrialization period, is degraded as a declining industry rapidly due to the new alternative energy supply policy of the government. This study aims to examine which industry is the most suitable one from the viewpoint of the economic growth in the Hwasun region and then suggest available competitive industries for the region to develop
Firstly, local industry complex formation should be done. Fortunately, local balanced development business is eagerly promoted as a part of the government’s local decentralization strategy, and the bio industry research center is also being built newly. Therefore, a bio industry complex should be built, and if so, it will attract many firms into the region as the center of the local economy.
Secondly, the active composition of golf club would be very helpful. two golf clubs, 900cc, Namgwangju country club, are in operation currently. And two golf clubs, Mudeungsan golf club and Joa golf club, are under construction. Golf sports for well-being life style for future can be a competitive industry in The Hwasun region compared to other areas since it is located near Gwangju with a population of 1.4 million.
Thirdly, the composition of Korean herb medicine cultivation area will be another solution. As the exhausted mine area has a lot of forests and also it is a mountain village, medicinal stuff grows well. We should industrialize medicinal herb cultivation centering around the Moodeung mountain.
Fourthly, the ecological forest composition of Manyeon Mountain and natural purification business of Hwasun River can be another solution. These businesses are suggested not only as an alternative industry but also as an industry that can provide foundation to the Hwasun region preparing for the future strategic industry.
Fifthly, the support for the formation of the agriculture & industry area should be done. There are 4 big agriculture and industry areas of 2 hundreds thousand pyeongs in the Hwasun region. The agriculture and industry area formation business considered generally as the government’s failure policy has been successful in the Hwasun region .
Sixthly, the support for traditional market places should be more active. Traditional market places has been decreasing due to big distribution firms. Traditional market places will be less competitive than big distribution in the future. However, as Hwasun is only 20 minutes away from Gwangju, if they focus on niche markets, the competitiveness of traditional market places will be strengthened.
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A Study on the Alternative Industry Promotion Strategies in the Exhausted Mine of the Hwasun Region
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Yang, Jung-yeol
조선대학교 경영대학원
경영대학원 경영학과
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Table Of Contents
제 1 장 서론 = 1
제 1 절 연구의 목적 = 1
제 2 절 연구의 범위와 방법 = 3
제 2 장 타 지방자치단체의 탄광지역 개발사업 고찰 = 4
제 1 절 타 지방자치단체의 탄광지역 개발사업 = 4
1. 강원도 탄광지역 개발사업 = 4
2. 경북 문경시 탄광지역 개발사업 = 9
제 2 절 외국의 탄광지역 개발계획 = 11
1. 일본 유바리시(夕張市) = 11
2. 독일의 보쿰시 = 12
3. 프랑스의 몽소 = 13
4. 영국의 에덴 프로젝트(Eden Project) = 14
제 3 절 타 지역 사례연구의 종합 및 시사점 = 14
제 3 장 화순군 탄광지역의 개발계획 = 17
제 1 절 화순군 지역현황 = 17
1. 자연환경 = 17
2. 인문·사회 환경 = 19
3. 거주체계분석 = 23
제 2 절 화순탄광지역의 여건 = 25
1. 화순광업소 일반현황 = 25
2. 개발상황 = 26
3. 생산체계 및 생산현황 = 26
4. 공사인수 후 생산현황 = 27
5. 탄광의 현 상황 = 28
제 3 절 화순군 탄광지역의 개발계획 = 29
1. 폐광지역 진흥지구 개발사업 = 29
2. 탄광지역 개발사업 = 31
3. 폐광지역 개발기금 사업 = 33
4. 탄광관련 개발사업의 집행실적 및 평가 = 36
제 4 장 폐·탄광지역의 대체산업 육성방안 = 37
제 1 절 화순군 대체산업 육성 계획의 개요 = 37
1. 계획의 배경 및 목적 = 37
2. 계획의 범위 및 내용 = 37
3. 계획의 지표 = 38
제 2 절 화순군 대체산업 육성전략 = 39
1. 지방 산업 단지 (화순 생물의약단지)조성사업 = 39
2. 골프장 조성사업 = 41
3. 친환경 한약재 재배단지 조성 = 44
4. 만연산 생태 숲 조성 = 47
5. 화순천 자연형 하천 정화사업 = 49
6. 농공단지 활성화 지원 = 51
7. 재래시장 활성화 지원 = 54
제 5 장 결론 = 57
참고문헌 = 60
조선대학교 경영대학원
양정열. (2006). 폐,탄광지역의 대체산업의 육성방안 : 화순군을 중심으로.
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