농업경영 컨설팅의 효율적 운영방안 연구

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Management has also become a key factor for agriculture. In a global world, the survival of the fittest can only be alive in agriculture competing in an open market.
Government has started to introduce private professional consulting to agriculture as a part of countermeasure. The time when the consulting has started in full- scale was year 1995 when bench marking and goal management system were reviewed to be introduced for agriculture management's renovation. With this background, facilitated gardening and total fund support system in livestock industry were introduced and with these support, agriculture management consulting has been done so far.
The problems of agriculture management consulting are as bellows.
Firstly, farmhouses focus on how they can have more profit doing farming, but consulting companies more focus on technical part such as accounts management, disease management than profit growing.
Secondly, we don't have big sized consulting companies in Korea involving in public interest programs to protect nation's agriculture, but only small consulting companies are running their business focusing more on their own profit.
Thirdly, there is not responsibility for consulting company on their consulting and, moreover, there is not feedback system in jurisdiction administrative organization. In addition, generally agriculture consulting is attached too much to specific field like livestock industry, and due to the difficulty of management evaluation by farmhouses, there is a limit for practical consulting.
Fourthly, irregular execution and low quality of consulting happen due to mutual consent among agriculture consulting companies.
The improvement ways for effective agriculture management consulting are as follows.
Firstly, we needto attempt to improve the quality of consulting by rearing excellent consulting companies. We should authenticate appropriate consulting companies by evaluating them with their degree of professional human resources and consulting facility aids. Business registration should be obligated and public subscription targeting consulting companies with some degree of professional human resource should be done. In addition, applied companies should be evaluated in absolute evaluation by consulting authentication committee and only the ones with specific scores can be authenticated. These consulting companies should be tested their achievement later on so that they can be decided whether they can be authenticated continuously or not.
Secondly, we need to strengthen standards to select consulting farmhouse and systemized it. Farmhouses wanting to have consulting should write which kinds of consulting they need, and then authentication committee should evaluate those proposals with examination team organized by relevant professional public servants.
In order to have sizable consulting farm, targeted farm should be limited above some degree. To choose a farmhouse appropriate to local and item, selecting priority should be abolished and use it only as reference.
Thirdly, after-management should be strengthened towards consulted farmhouse. In order to do so, local autonomous entity and farmer group should together conduct after-examination on a regular basis. When a farmhouse does not follow consulting result well,there should be some prevention method to warn them about their moral looseness.
Fourthly, the items of consulting support should be extended to prepare agriculture environment change.
Fifthly, there should be support fund amount standard according to items, business sizes and consulting contents.
Sixthly, specified consulting organization should be formed within an agricultural research center to improve agriculture technical consulting and to offer graduated payment (about half) for research target farmhouse to lead budget decrease.
Seventhly, when deciding a consulting target farmhouse, it will be more effective to reflect the group's opinion in terms of the item with its own group.
Eighthly, local autonomous entity should select consulting applying candidates and consulting companies with groups by items (self-organized group, corporation, villages etc.) can be given priority and individual would be less prioritized.
Ninthly, agriculture management diary and expenditure breakdown should be published or computerized and then distributed so that management record or consulting record can be written obligatorily.
Tenthly, agriculture research organization among government's investmen organizations should conduct consulting by fields and it should be systemized and also reflect the results to a policy.
Eleventhly, best consulting company should write incentive part when they make a contract with a selected farmhouseso that they can have incentive when they achieve above some degree.
Twelfth, government should support to establish new consulting companies thatare able to conduct national programs with more budgets.
Thirteenth, cyber consulting by fields should be done. Cyber consulting should be offered by big research center and every farmhouse that wants to use it should be able to access to it.
Fourteenth, expected consulting companies should prepare standard test form and only companies under some level should be able to get consulting.
Fifteenth, we need to train professional agricultural consultants with capacity and effective eyes on relevant information.
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A Study on the Efficient Operations of the Agriculture Management Consulting in Hwasun
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Yang, Deag-Seung
조선대학교 경영대학원
경영대학원 경영학과
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
1. 연구의 필요성 및 목적 = 1
2. 연구의 내용 및 방법 = 2
3. 논문의 구성 = 3
Ⅱ. 농업경영 컨설팅의 개념과 추진체계 = 5
1. 농업경영 컨설팅의 개념과 성격 = 5
2. 농업경영 컨설팅의 체계 = 11
3. 농업경영 컨설팅 지원사업의 내용 = 15
Ⅲ. 외국의 농업컨설팅 사례 및 시사점 22 1. 네델란드의 민영 농업컨설팅회사(D.L.V) 운영실태 22 2. 덴마크의 데니쉬 크라운(DANISH CROWN) = 28
3. 영국의 MLC(Meat and Livestock Commission) = 31
4. 프랑스의 농림부 산하 농업회의소(CHAMBRE D′AGRICULTURE) = 33
5. 외국 사례의 시사점 = 35
Ⅳ. 한국의 농업경영 컨설팅 지원사업의 추진실태 = 36
1. 최근 농업경영 컨설팅 지원사업 추진개요 = 36
2. 농업경영 컨설팅의 계약관계 = 39
3. 농업경영 컨설팅의 만족도 및 효과 = 42
Ⅴ. 농업경영 컨설팅 지원사업의 문제점과 개선방안 = 52
1. 농업경영 컨설팅사업의 문제점 = 52
2. 농업경영 컨설팅사업의 개선방안 = 55
1) 기본방향 = 55
2) 컨설팅업체 인증 Pool제 강화 = 56
3) 컨설팅 농가 선정기준 강화 및 체계 확립 = 56
4) 컨설팅 농가에 대한 사후관리 강화 = 58
5) 기타 개선 방안 = 58
Ⅵ. 결론 = 61
참고문헌 = 65
부록 = 66
조선대학교 경영대학원
양덕승. (2006). 농업경영 컨설팅의 효율적 운영방안 연구.
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