국내건설기업의 해외시장 진출전략 및 경쟁력 향상 방안에 관한 연구

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Korean overseas construction being vulnerable to the market conditions experienced large ups and downs in the last decades of overseas activities.
In 1980s, the Korean foreign construction industries had grown so rapidly in the Middle East market that they were ranked as the second biggest international contractor groups in the world, and in 1997, as a result of outstanding works in Asia market, the volume of the overseas construction contracts had increased up to the scale of 14.1 billion dollars.
However, after IMF financial crisis, the overseas market entry of Korean construction industry has not been rarely restored and worsened with the decline of international confidence degree.
Global enterprises have tend to increase their competition power in short period by merging enterprises of ability instead of developing their ability, but Korean super-sized construction industries have shrunk their bodies by dividing the body, and company after IMF financial crisis.
Because the main purpose of large-sized companies which merge the workout, legal management, and composition companies is to increase their acceptance power for order instead of real M&As, in view of the long term level, there will be a change from large-sized construction industries to small-sized industries which will lose the international competition power by the decrease of overseas construction acceptance for order.
Nevertheless, Korean construction industry has been evaluated as still having many excellent technicians with low labor cost compared to those of advanced countries. Therefore, if Korean government introduces the acceptance for order and financial supporting policy, the Korean construction industries can take the international competition power. And also, the dependency on the Asian and Middle East market is extremely high. Therefore, the efficient strategy for entering new regional construction markets must be tailored according to the characteristics of the region. The strategy usually is a combination of strategies responding to each factors of market characteristics. To penetrate into the market, they must be open to various method of financing or better still come up with ingenious way of financing.
The purpose of this paper is to understand current status of the international construction markets and Korean overseas construction industries and to suggest the entry strategies for entering the Middle East countries by analyzing the case study with the plan for enhancing the international competition power of Korean construction industries.
Extensive review to the published material and analysis of statistical data related to Middle East overseas construction from 1996 to 2005 were performed by establishing adefinition of overseas construction and reviewing the performance of Korean industries in terms of entry status, entry performance by company, and completed construction cases. According to these information, this paper suggests the entry strategies and the enhancement plan for competition power.
This paper is composed of 5 chapters. Chapter 2 explains the definition ,character and the necessity of overseas construction, after the introduction of Chapter 1. Chapter 3 examines the present state of regional, construction cases, human resources, and acceptance of performance for order by country and company. According to this information, the problem of overseas construction which should be solved will be indicated. The entry strategies for overseas construction of Korean construction enterprises will be suggested in the chapter 4. Finally, the conclusion together with summary is proposed in the chapter 5.
The key points of this thesis are summarized as follows:
The entry strategy for overseas construction by Korean construction enterprises are ① Establishment of entry basis and management strategy, ② Acceptance for order strategy, ③ Financial supply strategy, ④ Entry type strategy, ⑤ New market entry strategy, ⑥ Development of leading goods strategy, ⑦ Management rationalization strategy, ⑧ Strengthening of global marketing ability
Followings are the competition power enhancement plans for overseas construction of Korean construction enterprises.
① Enhancement of finance mobilization ability, ② Multilateral Markets by new market entry, ③ Prohibition of excessive competition among Korean enterprises, ④ Strengthening of information collection ability, ⑤ Cultivation of management ability for construction works and risks, ⑥ Recognition of top management for globalization, ⑦ Construction of mutual assistance system with other Korean construction companies, ⑧ Deregulation of overseas construction laws, ⑨ Propulsion of positive localization, ⑩ Revitalization of strategic affiliation with advanced countries' construction companies, ⑪ Strengthening of construction diplomacy, ⑫ Entry expansion of small and medium sized construction companies, ⑬ Cultivation of technical experts and enhancement of specialized techniques.
The above suggested strategies will enhance the market diversification and the level of localization, building of overseas construction industry information system, improving project financing capacity, supporting small and medium sized construction firm's efforts of entering the overseas construction markets, improving soft technology in order to meet client's needs, enlarging education programs for overseas construction professionals.
When government and construction world will do their best to make the construction industry reborn as the leading role of Korean economy, Korean construction industry will have the global competition power.
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A Study on Foreign Market Entry Strategy and an Enhancement Plan of Competition Power for Korean Construction Enterprise
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Lee, Min-soo
조선대학교 경영대학원
경영대학원 국제통상학과
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제 1 장 서론 = 1
제 1 절 연구의 목적 = 1
제 2 절 연구의 방법 및 구성 = 2
제 2 장 해외건설에 대한 이론적 접근 = 4
제 1 절 해외건설의 정의 = 4
제 2 절 해외건설의 특성 = 5
1. 일반적인 특성 = 6
2. 고유한 특성 = 7
3. 공사관련 정보 및 여건과 관련된 특성 = 8
4. 관리 및 기술과 관련된 특성 = 10
제 3 절 해외건설의 필요성 = 11
1. 해외건설시장의 개방화에 따른 기회 제공 = 11
2. 국내 건설시장 위축으로 인한 국민경제 파급효과의 저조 = 12
3. 건설수출에 의한 국제수지 개선에 기여 = 13
제 3 장 국내건설기업의 해외건설 진출 현황 및 문제점 = 14
제 1 절 국내건설기업의 해외건설 진출 현황 = 14
1. 국내건설기업의 해외건설 진출 현황 = 14
2. 국내건설기업의 해외건설 지역별 현황 = 15
3. 국내건설기업의 해외건설 공종별 현황 = 18
4. 국내건설기업의 해외건설 인력진출 현황 = 20
5. 국내건설기업의 해외건설 국가별·업체별 수주실적 = 21
제 2 절 주요국에 대한 국내건설기업의 진출현황 및 전망 = 23
1. 쿠웨이트 = 23
2. 카타르 = 25
3. 사우디아리비아 = 28
4. 아랍에미레이트(U.A.E.) = 30
5. 중국 = 33
제 3 절 국내건설기업의 해외건설 문제점 = 35
1. 건설산업 경영상의 문제점 = 35
2. 해외건설 관련 문제점 = 37
제 4 장 국내건설기업의 해외건설 진출전략 = 42
제 1 절 국내건설기업의 해외건설 진출전망 = 42
제 2 절 국내건설기업의 해외건설 진출전략 = 45
1. 진출기반조성 및 관리전략 = 45
2. 수주전략 = 46
3. 금융조달전략 = 48
4. 진출유형전략 = 48
5. 신시장진출전략 = 49
6. 주력상품개발전략 = 50
7. 경영합리화전략 = 51
8. 글로벌 마케팅 능력 강화 전략 = 52
제 3 절 국내건설기업의 해외건설 경쟁력 향상 방안 = 53
1. 금융동원능력 향상 = 53
2. 신시장 진출에 따른 시장 다변화 = 54
3. 한국기업간 과당경쟁 방지 = 55
4. 정보수집능력 강화 = 56
5. 공사 및 리스크 관리 능력 배양 = 57
6. 글로벌화에 대한 최고경영층의 인식 = 58
7. 국내 타건설업체와의 공조체제 구축 = 59
8. 해외건설관련 규제 완화 = 60
9. 적극적인 현지화 추진 = 60
10. 선진 외국기업과 전략적 제휴 활성화 = 61
11. 건설외교 강화 = 61
12. 중소건설업체의 진출확대 = 62
13. 전문인력 양성 및 특화된 기술력 제고 = 63
제 5 장 결론 = 65
참고문헌 = 67
조선대학교 경영대학원
이민수. (2006). 국내건설기업의 해외시장 진출전략 및 경쟁력 향상 방안에 관한 연구.
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