건설산업의 지식․정보화 시스템 구축방안

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This study analyzes the establishment of knowledge-information system in the construction industry, which will play a key role in strengthening the competitiveness of productivity in the 21st century. There has been no systemic study on this field, although there have been a lot of studies on other industries. Hence, this study tries to investigate main reasons, current situation, problems of the establishment of knowledge base in the construction industry from a macroscopic-view, and finally derive directions and strategies for improvement.
First, the structure of construction industry is explained. Construction process and roles of each construction agent are analyzed and flow of information or knowledge is specified. Accordingly, the real meaning of establishment of Knowledge-Information System in the construction industry is defined by showing anticipated effects of knowledge- information foundation. Then structure of demand and supply for construction information and knowledge is illustrated. Furthermore, each construction agent's demand and supply structure for construction information and knowledge is traced: owner of construction works, construction companies, and skilled technical hands.
The followings are presented as specific strategies.
1) Roles of each construction agent are rearranged and reorganized, by considering the establishment of knowledge base in the construction industry.
2) Every construction agent does construction activities based on knowledge. The government should introduce different management technic, renovate their organization and operation, support construction agents, and improve public service.
3) A comprehensive managing system for the construction of information and knowledge system should be established. This system unifies every agent and current construction information projects in the construction industry.
4) To support and realize the upper strategies, improvement of system.
Finally, directions and detailed strategies are presented. Basic directions to the establishment of knowledge based construction industry are summarized as follows. Characteristics of the construction industry and every construction agent should be considered. Optimal distribution of resources could be realized by providing every information and knowledge to those who need them. Self-sustainable structure of knowledge-based construction industry have to be established by inducing all construction agents to participate in the process voluntarily.
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The Strategies for Establishment of Knowledge- Information System in the Construction Industry
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Cho, Sung-In
조선대학교 경영대학원
경영대학원 산업경제학과
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
1. 연구의 목적 = 1
2. 연구의 방법 및 구성 = 3
Ⅱ. 건설산업의 지식·정보화에 관한 이론적 고찰 = 6
1. 건설산업의 구조와 특성 = 6
가. 최근의 건설산업 동향 = 6
나. 건설산업의 특성과 구조 = 7
2. 지식·정보산업으로서의 건설산업 = 14
3. 건설사업과정에서의 정보전달체계 = 16
4. 건설산업 지식·정보화의 필요성과 효과 = 21
가. 건설산업 지식·정보화의 필요성 = 21
나. 건설산업 지식·정보화의 효과 = 22
Ⅲ. 건설산업 지식·정보화의 실태 및 문제점 = 25
1. 건설산업 지식·정보화 추진현황 = 25
2. 건설산업 지식·정보화기반 구축 실태 = 28
가. 데이터베이스 구축현황 = 28
나. 정보인프라 정비 = 31
다. 건설산업 정보유통 = 33
3. 건설생산 및 발주체계 지식·정보화 현황 = 35
가. 건설 CALS/EC = 35
나. 건설산업 DB 구축사업 = 36
다. 건축행정 정보시스템(AIS) = 36
라. 공공입찰통합관리시스템(GOBIMS) = 37
마. 건설정보 정보화 지원 정보화 사업 = 38
바. 건설산업에서의 정보화투자 현황 = 39
4. 건설산업 지식·정보화의 문제점 = 41
가. 건설산업 정보화 여건 및 환경의 미성숙 = 41
나. 개별적인 건설산업 지식·정보 관리에 따른 비효율 = 42
다. 건설산업차원에서의 자원관리에 대한 인식부족 = 43
라. 건설산업 지식·정보 활용 전략의 부재 = 44
Ⅳ. 건설산업의 지식·정보화 시스템 구축 방안 = 45
1. 기본방향 = 45
가. 건설산업 특성의 수용 = 45
나. 자원의 최적배분 유도 = 45
다. 지식·정보 기반의 자생적 구조 구축 = 46
2. 건설산업 주체들의 역할재정립 = 47
3. 건설산업 통합지식·정보시스템의 구축 = 48
4. 건설산업 관련제도의 개선 = 49
5. 현장관리시스템의 활성화 = 50
6. 전문가시스템의 도입 = 53
Ⅴ. 요약 및 결론 = 55
참고문헌 = 58
조선대학교 경영대학원
조성인. (2006). 건설산업의 지식․정보화 시스템 구축방안.
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