人口 高齡化와 勞動市場政策에 관한 硏究

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Korea has been experiencing the highest speed of population aging due to lengthening span of life and low birth rate, and it is anticipated that it will rapidly become the aged society in 2019, which is second only to Japan.
Population aging and low birth rate will possibly bring about increase of burden to support the elderly, serious trouble between old and young generations, financial straits of social welfare such as pensions and health insurances, decrease of the rates of saving and investment, low economic growth, diminution of labor force, and weakening of competitive power of enterprises.
The labor market policy for the elderly should be focused on the furtherance of the independence and self-subsistence of their living. Suggestible policies derived from the analysis of the elderly labor market are as follows:
First, labor market policy suitable for the elderly should be expanded and strengthened in order to help them work for a long time. Enterprises should offer various employment opportunities to the elderly who are capable of working, and uniform retirement system of the elderly should be changed to selective retirement system which is possible to make efficient use of the experienced ability of the elderly.
Second, rigid seniority system should be drastically reformed in order to make the best use of the elder manpower and to promote productivity of labor. Reemployment of the workers retired under the age limit should be expanded, and wage peak system should be introduced in order to increase the employment of the elderly.
Third, reeducation opportunity should be given to the elderly so that they can adjust themselves to the sudden changes of new circumstances and acquire new technologies. Life-long learning program should be developed in order to enhance the employability of the elderly and to help them lead sound lives of enjoying work and leisure.
Fourth, the income-guarantee system for the elderly should be established so as to encourage them to participate in sustainable economic activity. And the retired life management program should be developed in order to help the elderly plan their later lives with their vigorous volition to work.
Fifth, the government should do its best in the preparation of circumstances to promote wage flexibility and the expansion of job training and public employment security service. Enteprises should make every efforts in the intensification and expansion of service to support the change of occupation.
Sixth, the retirement allowance system, which has many problems, should be reformed so that workers may select to retire on a single-sum allowance or on a pension.
Seventh, private partnership should be necessarily introduced in the organization and transmission of welfare system so that workers` accessibility, selection and monitoring function may be enhanced in the decision, execution and evaluation of the work welfare policy.
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A Study on Population ageing and Labor Market Policy in Korea
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Cho, Ki-Jeon
조선대학교 경영대학원
경영대학원 산업경제학과
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제1장 서론 = 1
제1절 문제의 제기 및 연구의 목적 = 1
제2절 논문의 구성 = 2
제2장 고령화의 사회·경제적 효과 = 4
제1절 노동시장에 미치는 영향 = 4
제2절 자본시장에 미치는 영향 = 12
제3절 재정에 미치는 영향 = 13
제3장 고령화의 원인과 전망 = 16
제1절 고령화의 원인 = 16
1. 고령화의 현황 = 16
2. 출산율 = 17
3. 주요국가의 평균수명 = 19
제2절 총인구 및 인구성장률 추이 및 전망 = 20
1. 연령계층별 인구구조 = 21
2. 인구구조 국제비교 = 24
3. 중위연령 = 25
4. 중위연령 국제비교 = 26
5. 부양비 및 노령화지수 = 26
제3절 고령자 노동시장의 변화 = 28
1. 고령자의 경제활동 현황 = 28
제4절 퇴직 및 은퇴자 = 51
1. 은퇴시기 및 은퇴사유 = 51
2. 퇴직과 은퇴의 결정요인 = 56
제5절 노후생활보장제도의 실태와 국제비교 = 59
1. 노후생활보장제도의 실태 = 59
2. 노후생활자금의 원천 = 61
3. 노후생활 및 국제비교 = 71
제6절 주요국의 고령자 고용정책 = 79
1. 유럽(EU) = 80
2. 프랑스 = 83
3. 핀란드 = 87
4. 영국 = 93
5. 유럽 주요 3국의 고령화 관련 특징 비교 = 97
제4장 개선방안 = 99
제1절 기업 = 100
1. 최고경영자의 고령자 고용의 중요성 인식 및 명확한 방침제시 = 100
2. 임금체계 개선 = 101
3. 직무재설계 등 직장개선 = 104
4. 연령우대문화의 불식 = 105
제2절 종업원 = 105
1. 노동생산성 제고 = 105
2. 직업능력개발 = 106
3. 변화적응력 배양과 건강 유지 = 107
제3절 노동조합 = 107
1. 생산성 향상에 대한 적극적 협력자세 견지 = 107
2. 배치전환 등 이동에 대한 부정적 태도 타파 = 108
3. 임금인상 위주의 노동운동 불식 = 108
제4절 정부 = 109
1. 정년연장과 연령차별 금지법 제정 = 109
2. 고용주 고용보조금의 효과와 사회적 일자리 창출 = 112
3. 여성의 고용촉진 = 113
4. 시장수요에 부응하는 인적자원의 개발 = 118
5. 경력 직종·지위별 직업훈련정책제공 = 120
6. 고령화에 대비한 평생학습 = 121
7. 직업안정망 확충 = 125
제5장 요약 및 결론 = 126
= 130
조선대학교 경영대학원
조기전. (2006). 人口 高齡化와 勞動市場政策에 관한 硏究.
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