병원 서비스요인이 고객만족에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

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While medical suppliers see a rapid change in medical environment after the separation of prescription and dispensing and before the opening of a medical market, the market changes from hospital-centered to customer- or patient- centered. The purpose of this study is to understand hospital service factors and those affecting hospital customers' satisfaction on the basis of the change in medical environment, try to get managerial suggestions for improving hospital services and customer satisfaction and loyalty, find out new service factors other than those frequently dealt with in the existing studies on hospital services and customer satisfaction, and make contributions to development of hospital services in order to get competitive in a medical circle with the opening of a medical market just before on within a special economic zone.
For this purpose, the details of this study can be summarized as follows:
First, to understand components of hospital service factors and their effects on customer satisfaction through domestic and foreign prior studies.
Second, to define the functions of a hospital and the concept of marketing clearly, examine the theories of approaches, components, properties, significance, and theoretical background of strategies through domestic and foreign prior studies, and understand effects of hospital service factors on customer satisfaction.
Third, to suggest a correct direction for services in a domestic medical circle in order to strengthen the competitiveness in medical services.
An empirical analysis based on variables derived for each item was conducted with hospital users, or adults over twenty, in Gwangju to determine how hospital service factors affected customer satisfaction and to make suggestions from the results.
To determine the respondents' distribution through the SPSSWIN 12.0 statistical package, a frequency analysis was carried out to see great effects of hospital service factors on customer satisfaction, along with a correlation analysis to test reliability and validity of the empirical data and understand relationship between service factors, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and doctors to revisit. To conduct more detailed examination using these factors, a regression analysis was carried out to determine their effects on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and doctors to revisit.
In conclusion, first, the higher awareness of (the five) hospital service factors, the higher customer satisfaction.
Second, among service factors affecting customer satisfaction, what were expected as variables to increase customer satisfaction included medical personnel factors, service system factors, and access-convenience factors, which were thus found to be important factors having significant effects on customer satisfaction.
Third, medical personnel factors were found to have greater effects on customer satisfaction than service system factors among hospital service factors. This implies that what customers want is medical suppliers' earnest examination and treatment rather than a uniform service to satisfy those using a hospital.
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A Study on the Effects of Hospital Service Factors on Customer Satisfaction
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Mun, Gwon-gi
조선대학교 경영대학원
경영대학원 경영학과
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제 1 장 서론 = 1
제 1 절 문제의 제기 = 1
제 2 절 연구의 목적 = 3
제 3 절 연구의 방법 = 4
제 2 장 이론적 배경 = 5
제 1 절 병원의 기능과 서비스마케팅의 관계 = 5
1. 병원의 개념과 특성 = 5
2. 병원의 기능 및 목표 = 6
3. 병원 서비스마케팅의 도입 배경 = 7
제 2 절 병원 서비스마케팅의 특성과 전략 = 9
1. 의료기관과 병원 서비스마케팅의 특성 = 9
2. 의료환경변화와 고객만족 = 13
3. 병원 서비스마케팅의 전략 = 15
제 3 장 연구모형 및 가설의 설정 = 21
제 1 절 연구모형의 설계 = 21
1. 기존연구의 검토 = 21
2. 고객만족과 충성도와의 관계 = 22
제 2 절 조사의 설계 = 24
1. 조사의 개요 = 24
2. 설문지의 구성 및 내용 = 25
3. 자료분석방법 = 27
제 4 장 실증분석 = 28
제 1 절 자료의 수집 및 분석방법 = 28
1. 응답자의 일반적인 특성 = 28
2. 신뢰도 검증 = 29
3. 서비스 요인 = 30
4. 고객만족 = 34
5. 고객충성도 및 재방문 의사 = 34
제 2 절 가설의 검증 = 35
1. 서비스요인과 고객만족도간의 관계 = 35
2. 고객만족도와 고객충성도 및 재방문간의사의 관계 = 37
3. 서비스요인과 고객충성도 및 재방문 의사간의 관계 = 38
4. 분석결과 39
제 5 장 결론 = 41
제 1 절 연구요약 및 시사점 = 41
제 2 절 연구결과의 한계 및 추후 연구방향 = 43
참고문헌 = 45
설문지 = 48
조선대학교 경영대학원
문권기. (2004). 병원 서비스요인이 고객만족에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구.
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