From Marketing to Digital Marketing: Paradigm Shift and New Dilemma

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Jong Youl Hong
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Marketing Digital Marketing Paradigm Shift Dilemma Business Ethics
Marketing is an important strategy in business administration so it is called the flower of business administration. However, the development of digital technology is also changing marketing strategies in business administration. A new marketing strategy called digital marketing has emerged and its importance continues to grow. Also, due to the development of digital technology, the emergence and development of various online platforms opened up new advertising channels such as the Internet, SNS, and blogs, as well as advertisements through existing TV and newspapers. In addition, while the existing advertisement was a one-way injection method, digital marketing is changing into an interactive communication channel where businesses and consumers participate together. However, the new digital platform business is creating new challenges and dilemmas. With the creation of a proprietary platform, the potential to devour a healthy business ecosystem violently and the resulting damage are presented as problems that can intact to small business owners and consumers. In response to this, the central government or local government may seek new solutions through the response of public apps, but problems are also emerging within this. In this regard, I would like to examine the new challenges and dilemma of digital marketing and platforms through an example.
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