코르넬 문드럭초의 주피터스 문을 통해 ‘벌거벗은 생명’을 사유하기 : 유럽의 난민과 아감벤의 ‘호모 사케르’ 논의를 중심으로

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state of emergency Homo Sacer biopolitics refugee camp refugee crisis
Jupiter's Moon is a film by the Hungarian director Kornél Mundruczó, who tries to document the social problems of the refugees through his film. The present work analyses the film based on Giorgio Agamben's biopolitical perspective, to explain how life is controlled as a means of modern biopolitics, more specific, how modern politics produces "the naked life" like the refugees. Agameben refers to Michel Foucault's biopolitical theory and associates it with the concept of "state of emergency". He focuses the problems of others on the state of emergency, that is, "homo sacer", which modern politics establishes through control. Agamben defines the concentration camp as the extreme form of modern biopolitics. It is the example of bio-power that perfectly represents the state of emergency. The film Jupiter's Moon shows the refugee crisis in Hungary, where millions of people, especially from Syria, escape terror. The story of a hovering refugee, the young Syrian Arian Dashini, is a relentlessly accusing comment on the current situation in politically degenerate Hungary, where ruthlessness, corruption and selfishness dominate society. In the hospital department of the refugee camp Dr. Gaber Stern treats the injured boy, Aryan but wants to use the wonderful skills Aryan for his own purposes. The Story goes on about escaping from the two people. The article shows that the film emphasizes the need for a new category for the notion of nation and nationality and to redefine the refugees' human rights.
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A Study on Film Jupiter's Moon by Kornél Mundruczó : Focusing on Refugee Crisis in Europe and Agamben's Bio-political Perspective
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Shin, Wonkyeong
조선대학교 국제문화연구원
Research Laboratory
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