스페인 범죄소설의 관점에서 본 김용(金庸)의 「소오강호」(笑傲江湖)

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Jin Yong The Smiling Proud Wanderer Spanish crime novel Los mares del sur Montalbán
The narrative structure of martial arts novels is characterized by a romance between man and woman entangled in the process of resentment and revenge. The process invariably encompasses supernatural martial arts as a key to resolving the issues in question, which is represented by violence, suspense, and mystery as driving forces behind the narrative. To the extent that the plot of a martial arts novel mainly begins with homicide and the rest is the process of getting out of the fear and tension, they are analogous to the crime stories of the West. The thesis is an attempt at comparative analysis on The smiling, proud wanderer by Jin Yong, a representative writer of Chinese martial arts novels from the perspectives of El clavo by Alarcón, considered to belong to the genre of a detective novel among the Spanish crime novels and Los mares del sur by Montalbán, a representative writer of novela negra. In the sense that the smiling proud wanderer is more like a detective story characterized by sense of fear of the crime, mystery, logical resolution, and the recovery of peace after the resolution, but the violence and the resolution of the crime is used as tools to raise a new issue rather than the conclusion of the narrative, it is akin to novela negra.
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The Smiling, Proud Wanderer by Jin Yong Seen from the Perspectives of Spanish Crime Novels
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An, Gumyoung
조선대학교 국제문화연구원
Research Laboratory
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2019 > Vol 12, No 2
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