17~19세기 베트남과 비엔동 : 호앙사 부대(黃沙隊)의 편성 배경과 활동

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Hoang Sa Islands Truong Sa Islands Hoang Sa Company Paracel Islands Spratly Islands
The conflict between Vietnam and China over Bien Dong is getting severer. Both countries, bordered by land and sea, had to go through several adjustments between ‘colonial times border’ and ‘historical border’ to define the current border, and in the end, the land border and Tonqing bay border issues were settled, but the 'Bien Dong dispute' remains as a problematic issue. Both Vietnam and China are claiming sovereignty over ‘Bien Dong’ based on historical reason. Then, What is Vietnam's position? What historical material would prove the jurisdiction of the 17th century Bien Dong? It is Hoang Sa Company that emerges in this discussion. Hoang Sa Company was the organization established for the maritime management and safety at the time when Nguyen's regime extended its territory to the south. Since the 17th century, along with the activities of Hoang Sa Company, Bien Dong has gradually been incorporated into the real jurisdiction of Vietnam. The activities of the Hoang Sa Company are the primary source of evidence for Vietnam's jurisdiction over Bien Dong, creating new perceptions of ocean boundaries and territories and requiring a series of inequality treaties.
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Vietnam and Bien Dong in the 17th and 19th Century: Organization Background and Activities of Hoang Sa Company
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Lee, Misun
조선대학교 국제문화연구원
Research Laboratory
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2019 > Vol 12, No 2
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