「삼리ㆍ삼별」에 반영된 현실주의 정신의 비판적 고찰

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Dufu Sanli Sanbie realism Dufu’s poetry realistc sprit
Dufu criticized the lavish life of the ruling authorities, reflecting the confusion of the times from various angles. This aspect is best seen in his Sanli and Sanbie, a masterpiece of his realistic poetry. This paper critically examines the realistic spirit in Dufu's Sanli and Sanbie. He wrote poems that actively participated in reality, and his attitude is seen as an act outside of the traditional principles of Confucianism because Mengzi emphasized that one should cultivate oneself if he or she cannot be a good government official. Dufu did not bend his will to save the people of the world, even in distress. In his poem, both loyalty to the monarch and love for the people were shown at the same time. He, however, did not perfectly represent the people's plight with all the loyalty to the monarch, meaning that his aristocratic stance supports the ruler rather than the people. This aspect is the biggest contradiction and limitation of Dufu's realistic poetry, and this should not be overlooked when reading his realistic poetry. Despite these weaknesses, his realistic spirit and narrative technique played a crucial role in bringing the artistic level of ancient Chinese poetry to a new level.
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