유랑작가 싼마오의 문학 연구사 개괄과 싼마오 붐 현상에 대한 분석

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조영준 신춘란
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San Mao wandering writer Sahara story The crying Camel Scarecrow diary
San Mao was a Taiwanese wandering writer. As one of the most influential people in her area, she traveled to 59 countries around the world and published a series of travel essays that expressed her colorful and vivid experiences and stories of true life. Humor and romance are in the mysterious landscapes of the exotic works of San Mao. Her free soul and subjective life are loved by the public, and she becomes idolized by many young people of the day. She is a writer who has been steadily loved as the chinese cultural icons, San Mao in Korea, is an almost unknown existence until now. In this article, we first summarize the publishing situation in San Mao’s literary World both in mainland China and Taiwan. It also outlines the research of her Literature. And we looked back on San Mao’s boom that was continuing in the Chinese territory, and analyzed the reason of it. We hope that this will lead to a study of San Mao's literature from various perspectives, as well as in the study of comparative field of Korean artists who have similar characteristics in Korea.
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Wandering Writer San Mao’s Literary Research History Generalization and the Study of her Boom Phenomenon
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Jo, Youngjoon Shen, Chunlan
조선대학교 국제문화연구원
Research Laboratory
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2019 > Vol 12, No 1
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