중국 조선족학교 교가에 나타난 조선족의 현실 인식 : 조선족학교 교가 당안을 중심으로

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Chinese-Korean Chinese-Korean school perception of reality praise of the Communist Party emphasis Sinocentrism
This paper examined the perception of reality in the school song of Chinese-Korean school in China. I found that the perception of reality in the school song of Chinese-Korean school in China. There are two kinds of the perception of reality. One is the praise of the Communist Party, and the other is emphasis Sinocentrism. The most characteristic feature of the recognition of political reality was that there was a lot of content to praise the Communist Party. The emphasis on Chinese ideology is that the Chinese-Korean shares the ideology of the Chinese while continuing with the nation's ideals. The real reason appears to recognize these ethnic Chinese-Korean school songs are as follows: First, it reflects the perception of Chinese-Korean educators who want to follow the overall social atmosphere in order to establish a school as a minority in China. Second, it reflects the perception of reality in order to avoid the constraints of school development by showing the fact that the education administration's policies are well maintained while reporting the school administration and education contents. Third, it is a reflection of the awareness of reality for personal benefit and visible to senior organizations. Fourth, it reflects the conscious perception of the victim who consciously remembers a lot of damage consciousness and feeling of alienation that have been suffered so far, living in a foreign country as a minority nation, and taking care of themselves in a social atmosphere.
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A Study on the Perception of Reality in the School Song of Chinese-Korean School in China
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An, Byungsam
조선대학교 국제문화연구원
Research Laboratory
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2019 > Vol 12, No 1
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