살풀이춤에 드러난 ‘한’의 역동성에 관한 고찰

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Salpuri-dance 'Han’ Shinmyung Dynamics Flamenco
This work aims to investigate the dynamic expression of ‘Han’ and ‘Jeong-Jung-Dong’ principle in Salpuri Dance. As we know Han is expressed in most of Korean traditional dances, even in a movement of raising an arm, for example. Korean dances are free flowing, forming a circle while pulling up and winding round, and in these flowing movements we can easily find dynamics when moving from one effort action to another. The principle of Jeong-Jung-Dong is one of the most important techniques inherent in Korean traditional dances, especially in Salpuri dance. It implies the possible beauty in the harmony and discord of 'Jeong' and ‘Dong'. Even though there seems to be quite different types of musics and movements between Salpuri dance and flamenco, it can be noted that this also refers to basic movements expressing resentment and exhilaration, which include similarly various characteristics found in that with earthy movements and Oriental music.
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