허먼 멜빌의「베니토 세레노」에서 나타난지성적 분노의 양면성

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분노의 경험 노예제도 흑인노예반란 남북전쟁 상호 공존 anger experience the slavery slave insurrection The Civil War wireless coexistence
The purpose of this study is to investigate the causes of anger experience of characters from the anger-psychological perspective in the framework of the American industrial and social structure around the middle of the 20th century and to explain why they can not coexist with each other. This paper explores the anger in the dark times that American society is facing based on the slave revolt on Benito Cereno written by Herman Melville. It shows that human interrelation can develop into complementary relationship and balanced ideal society than dichotomous prejudice system in the closed structure of an industrial society. As Melville emphasized the importance of human relationships, this paper tries to propose a vision of an affluent society when we have a balanced communication and a harmonious life with people.
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