박지원과 오경재의 작가의식 고찰 : 여성관을 중심으로

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연암소설 유림외사 작가의식 여성형상 과도기 Yeonam(燕巖) novel The Scholars(儒林外史) authorical consciousness woman's image transitional period
Park Ji-won's Yeonam(燕巖) novel and Wujingzi's "The Scholars(儒林外史)" are among the best satirical novels in both Chosun and Qing Dynasty. This study conducted a comparative analysis of the writer's views on women and a sense of criticism as an intellectual consciousness through the process of figuring the woman in the novel. He portrayed women who were the weak during the turbulent transition period in a certain way, and identified the progressive views of the two writers reflected on the inside of them, highlighting their sense of criticism and limitations as feudal writers. Both authors show a new aspect of breaking away from the traditional feudal gender perspective. Of course, as a feudal writer, there are some periodical limitations. but we can see that the image of women is gradually changing, highlighting the view of modern women.
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A Study on the Authorical Consciousness of Park Ji-won(朴趾源) and Wujingzi(吳敬梓) : Focused on a view of womanhood
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Han Jong Wan
조선대학교 국제문화연구원
Research Laboratory
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2018 > Vol 11, No 2
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