영어 보문소의 특성과 동사유형별 보문구조

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보문현상 보문구조 보문소 의미상 차이 의미론적 특징 complement phenomena complement structure complementizers sementic differences sementic features.
The object of this subject is to indicate the critical point of formal analyses about complement phenomena in English and to explain more persuasively about complement structures in English by introducing technical analysis methods. Chap. 2 indicates the examination of precedence study about complements and point at issue. Chap. 3 examines the semantic properties of complementizers regarded as meaningless till now based on the theories of Wiezbicker(1988), Driven(1989) and Dixon(1984) and so on. Chap. 4 explains semantic differences in case a predicate has two complementizers or over and the fact that meanings are different if forms are different. But this paper cannot explain the reason why some complementizers can be combined because of some features of verbs or why there are sementic differences according to types of complements. This is because this paper intends to explain complement structures with only the semantic features of verbs.
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