동남아 한상의 비즈니스 특성과 기업가정신 사례 비교분석 : 인도네시아와 말레이시아 한상을 중심으로

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동남아 한상 인도네시아 한상 말레이시아 한상 기업가정신 비즈니스 특성 Korean Business in Southeast Asia Korean Business in Indonesia Korean Business in Malaysia entrepreneurial spirit business characteristics
The purpose of this paper was to analyze the business characteristics and entrepreneurial spirit of Korean business in Indonesia and Malaysia, based on the in-depth interviews about Korean business in Southeast Asia, which was arranged in Indonesia and Malaysia in August 2016. In addition, business characteristics and entrepreneurial spirits were analyzed as five types, such as resource saving type, labour saving type, market opening type, distribution service type and knowledge service types in Indonesia. In the case of Malaysia, it was classified as four types: distribution service type, trade service type, food service type, and Hallyu oriented type. Through the comparative analysis of business characteristics and Korean business’ entrepreneurial spirit in two countries, implications and future research directions have been presented.
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Characteristics of Korean Business in Southeast Asia and Comparative Analysis of Entrepreneurial Spirit Cases : Focused on Korean Business in Indonesia and Malaysia
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Lee Jang Sub
조선대학교 국제문화연구원
Research Laboratory
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2018 > Vol 11, No 2
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