한국 인터넷 뉴스 댓글에 나타나는 재한 조선족 이미지 고찰

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재한 조선족 네티즌 이미지 공감 비공감 Korean-Chinese in South Korea Netizen, image empathy non empathy
This study analyzes Koreans’ perception about Korean-chinese minority living in Korea by looking at news articles related to films depicting Korean-chinese and netizen’s comments to those articles. Also, it examines what are the factors that has shaped those images. To do so, after collecting and organizing related news articles from major newspapers and the netizen’s comments on them, we analyzed the empathy index, extracted emotional keywords and quantified them. The results of the research show that netizens were expressing a negative image about Korean-chinese that was already embedded in them regardless the contents showed in the news articles. Nevertheless Koreans have a dichotomous stance about Korean-chinese considering them Chinese on one side and members of the same ethnic group on the other. Hence, from now on, it will be necessary more education that help to better understand Korean-chinese minority living in Korea, as well as, efforts to improve their image.
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Study on the Image of Korean-Chinese as Depicted in the Korean Internet News’ Comments
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Bae Jun Hwan Lee Chun Ho
조선대학교 국제문화연구원
Research Laboratory
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2018 > Vol 11, No 2
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