「기려수필」의 기록유산적 가치에 관한 고찰

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송상도 기려자 기려수필 항일운동 항일독립운동 독립운동가 KiRyeo Essay Ki Ryeo za Song Sang do an anti-Japanese mindset an anti-Japanese movement
In 1910 after the forced Japan-Korea Treaty, Song Sang do went all around the country to collect and organize data and wrote the book “KiRyeo Essay” contaning the valuable records of the patriots who sacrificed themselves for the country. The “KiRyeo Essay”, which gathered and compiled the historical moments of the patriots from the end of Chosun to the Japanese Colonial era, contains the story of Lee Siwon who died for his chastity in 1866 during the French Campaign against Korea, Ahn Joong keun, Yoon Bong gil and 239 other patriots and many big and small anti-Japanese movements including the Provisional Government of Korea, 6.10 Independence movement, and KwangJu Student’s movement etc. Hence, “KiRyeo Essay” is a precious record that must be remembered by the humanity and inherit to the future generations, having sufficient storage value. Colonization through intrusion using military force cannot be justified in any ways, and even in such case of colonization, people should not submit themselves but rise and resist protecting the freedom and peace of the humanity. The standards of Memory of the World requested by the Unesco are sincerity, global importance, comparative standards and supplemental requirements.
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