중국 HSK 기출문제에 나타난 중국 문화 연구

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중국 문화 HSK 행동문화 정보문화 성취문화 Chinese culture HSK(Chinese Language Examination) behavioral culture information culture achievement culalture
In this paper, we analyze the issue of HSK on past test questions by Confucius Institute in China and try to understand what kind of cultural elements exist and divide it according to the classification method of culture. The subject of the study should be the only publication formally published in 2015. If we look at cultural items classified as Hammerly culture, behavioral culture, information culture, and achievement culture, The most common manifestation in behavioral culture is language. The next most common element of behavioral culture was food, clothing and shelter culture. Achievement culture showed the least in comparison with behavioral culture and information culture. in HSK of past test questions, introduced many Chinese cultural assets. Information culture showed the highest rate compared to behavioral culture and achievement culture. The most interesting part of cultural elements in information culture is history. The most part of information culture was geography. The geographical area can be divided into major cities and major tourist attractions. Beijing(北京) is the most popular place in major cities. The most popular places in major tourist attractions were Great Wall of China(萬里長城) and Huangshan(黃山).
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