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中国高校 文化产业管理专业 人才培养 产学研结合 模式 universities in China culture industry management major talent cultivation combination of production teaching and research Mode
Due to the core role that talents play in culture industry, the shortage of inter-disciplinary top talents is the bottleneck for Chinese culture industry from further development. As the cradle of cultivating professional talents, universities and colleges shall shoulder the important burden of innovating higher education. They shall determine the right direction in the education of courses on culture industry based on contemporary requirements, and enhance the construction level of those courses. The paper will first analyze the current situation for talent cultivation in culture industry in China, and then the modes of cultivating talents majoring on culture industry management in Chinese universities and colleges, so as to argue the inconsistency between education direction for those cultural industry courses and the market, unreasonable setup of professional courses, the necessity of creating practical education modes, etc. Based on the above arguments, the paper will ultimately point out that education integrating industry, teaching and learning, and research into one focusing on cultivating all-around qualities, comprehensive abilities and employment competitiveness of students is the right direction for reform on current culture industry management major.
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