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홍지우 감다혜 김화영 김진우
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spent bean sprout polyphenol flavonoid antioxidant optimization
Spent bean sprouts (SBS) are produced during the cultivation, cleaning, and packaging processes for bean sprouts. They account for 50% of total bean sprout production and cause environmental problems and waste disposal costs. This study was conducted to produce bioactive materials including phenolic compounds and flavonoids from SBS in order to produce value-added materials and reduce waste disposal costs. The optimization of extraction conditions was investigated for selection of solvents and evaluation of the effects of main variables, including solvent concentration, extraction temperature, and extraction time. Among these three variables, ethanol concentration showed the greatest effects on the production of total phenolic compound (TPC) and total flavonoid content (TFC). The optimal extraction condition was found to be 57.2˚C, 78.7 min, and 39.0% ethanol (v/v), which resulted in 28.0 mg GAE/g DM for TPC and 1.52 mg QE/g DM for TFC. The production of high concentrations of phenol compounds and flavonoids from SBS by hot-water extraction proves that SBS can be used in the production of functional food and cosmetics materials.
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Production of Polyphenolic Compounds and Flavonoids using Hot-water Extraction from Spent Bean Sprouts
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Ji Woo Hong Da Hye Gam Hwa Young Kim Jin Woo Kim
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
Research Laboratory
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2020 > Vol 13, No 4
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