잔골재의 미립분 보충재로 순환골재 미분말을 활용하는 모르타르의 기초적 특성

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한인덕 장명훈
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Crushed fine aggregate Mixed fine aggregate Recycled aggregate powder fundamental properties
In order to improve the performance of cement mortar using combined sand of crushed and sea sands, this study analyzed its fundamental properties in accordance with replacement by recycled aggregate powder. The results showed that for binary aggregate with crushed and sea sands in a 6 to 4 ratio, the standard gradation was satisfied with replacement by less than 7.5% of recycled aggregate powder. Furthermore, as the replacement ratio of the recycled aggregate powder was increased, fluidity decreased and air content increased. Meanwhile, with replacement of less than 10% by the recycled aggregate powder, compressive strength increased 10 to 20% under the conditions of this research. Overall, it was determined that by replacement of 2.5% of recycled aggregate powder in binary aggregate with crushed and sea sand with poor gradation, optimum results could be obtained for satisfying the standard gradation and improving the fundamental properties of the cement mortar. It is necessary to evaluate the possibility of applying this result to concrete and actual structures.
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Properties of the Mortar using Recycled Aggregate Powder as a Supplement for Fine Particle of Fine Aggregate
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In-Deok Han Myunghoun Jang
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
Research Laboratory
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2020 > Vol 13, No 4
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