난류 모델별 수치해석을 이용한 업윈드형 소형 풍력터빈의 성능 연구

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Small wind turbine Upwind HAWT Turbulent model
In the field of renewable energy, there is growing interest in wind energy to cope with climate change. Research is needed on small residential facilities or stand-alone small wind turbines for microgrid power generation. This study is for commercialization of a small horizontal wind turbine of a 2,600 mm diameter upwind type and is a thesis for a design and performance check on performance. A blade was designed and flow analysis was performed with ANSYS CFX to verify the performance of the generator. As analysis conditions, numerical analysis was performed on the κ-ε, κ-ω , and SST turbulence models, and the torque for each condition was calculated to determine the output from the wind turbine. From the results of the numerical analysis, the maximum torque was calculated in the order of SST, κ-ω, andκ-εand the output was calculated in the order of SST, κ-ω, and κ-ε. The coefficient of power value was calculated as 0.225 for κ-ε, 0.236 forκ-ω, and 0.240 for SST. From the results of the numerical analysis, it was confirmed that all three conditions provided 700 W class output at a 10 ㎧ wind speed condition.
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A Study on the Performance of Upwind Small Wind Turbine Using Numerical Analysis by Turbulence Model
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Chang-Hwan Yu Seong-Hwan Kim
조선대학교 공학기술연구원
Research Laboratory
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2020 > Vol 13, No 4
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