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이효성 한상호
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Steel slag Coarse aggregate Freezing-thawing Curing condition
In this study, freezing-thawing resistance of concrete using steel slag as coarse aggregate(steel slag concrete) from Gwangyang Iron Co. was estimated to offer basic data for utilization of much more steel slag. Freezing-thawing test of concrete using crushed stone as coarse aggregate(crushed stone concrete) whose compressive strength and air contents are as close as possible to those of the steel slag concrete was performed. Because they are main two factors that affect of freezing-thawing resistance. The test was carried out up to 400 cycles according to KS F 2456. The compressive strength and weight of two concretes were measured and compared. As a result, the freezing-thawing resistance of steel slag concrete curing in water was almost the same with that of crushed stone concrete. But the resistance of steel slag concrete curing in air dry condition was weaker than that of crushed stone concrete. Also, the steel slag concrete which has more than 60% of W/C ratio showed much more surface degradation when compared to crushed stone concrete.
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